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McChord Flightline Chatter

From homeless dropout to citizen airman

Most people can't fathom what it would be like to be homeless. Of the hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless in the U.S., one Rainier Wing reservist knows all too well. "It was one of the toughest periods in my life," said Senior Airman Troy Serad, an engineering assistant

McChord Flightline Chatter

'Tacoma Starlifter' historic POW service remembered

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD - Nearly 50 years to the day, members of the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings celebrated the anniversary of the arrival of the first C-141 Starlifter, Aug. 6 at McChord Field. The McChord Starlifter 50 event featured the rechristening of McChord's first C-141 Starlifter, Tacoma Starlifter, by Kelsey

McChord Flightline Chatter

446th airmen go north

Frigid temperatures, freezing rain and strong winds can turn a simple repair job exponentially challenging. But two McChord reservists have taken up the challenge. Staff Sgt. Dustin Buel and Staff Sgt. Ryan Seibold, both assigned to the 446th Civil Engineer Squadron, left McChord Field March 26 to set up camp in

McChord Flightline Chatter

Bringing 446th airmen together

Citizen airmen of the Rainier Wing gathered together March 6 at McChord Field to participate in Wingman Day. The theme of this year's event, We Are Connected, was aimed at highlighting the importance of joining together as a team. "Wingman Day is our chance to emphasize the resiliency of the 446th Airlift

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