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McChord Flightline Chatter

Manpower at McChord

Small but mighty, the six-person manpower office, here, has been crunching the numbers and advising leadership on their resources. The 62nd Airlift Wing manpower and organization office advises Team McChord leadership on issues pertaining to wartime and peacetime manpower resources, organization structure, productivity and performance management. "Our goal is to ensure units

McChord Flightline Chatter

MXG commander speaks at Lunch and Learn

More than 50 airmen gathered at the McChord Club for this month's Lunch and Leadership series, June 16, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This month, the Lunch and Learn session featured one of Team McChord's very own. Col. Anthony Clavenna, 62nd Maintenance Group commander, provided his personal thoughts on leadership and command. "All

McChord Flightline Chatter

Percival takes command of 627 ABG

Col. William Percival assumed command of the 627th Air Base Group, from the unit's outgoing commander, Col. Will Phillips, during a change of command ceremony conducted May 24 at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Maj. Gen. Christopher Bence, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, hosted the ceremony for the 627th ABG. "What an

McChord Flightline Chatter

Chef's journey to success

What do Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray all have in common with Derek Torrence? Like Torrence, they are all professional chefs. Torrence may not have the million-dollar television contract, but he does cook delicious and healthy food for members of the Armed Forces. Derek Torrence, McChord Club executive chef,

McChord Flightline Chatter

USO Shali Center continues support for troops

Since 1941, the United Service Organizations (USO) has kept military men and women connected to their families, homes and country no matter where they are, or under what conditions they serve. The USO Northwest has been servicing the surrounding area since 1966 and continues to serve the men and women of

McChord Flightline Chatter

Maintaining a safe and operational airfield

A runway incursion is considered as any unauthorized presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the safety protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take-off of aircraft, according to Airfield Management. Here at McChord Field, the 62nd Operations Support Squadron airfield management section is the go-to office

McChord Flightline Chatter

McChord flight kitchen

Members of Team McChord never have to worry about missing a meal because the 627th Force Support Squadron flight kitchen is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing boxed meals at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The flight kitchen prepares boxed meals that are available to flight crews, dorm residents,

McChord Flightline Chatter

ATOC keeps the mission moving

Whether its cargo, passengers, military aircraft, or transient aircraft the 62nd Aerial Port Squadron Air Terminal Operation Center has a hand on every aircraft that lands on McChord Field at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. ATOC coordinates all outside requests for agency support and information and distributes them to the different sections throughout

McChord Flightline Chatter

Third Lunch at McChord

Members of Team McChord gathered for the third Lunch and Leadership Lecture, hosted by the 62nd Airlift Wing commander's action group Feb. 3 at the McChord Chapel Support Center, McChord Field. The series of lectures are open to all Team McChord personnel interested in leadership related topics. This month's Lunch and Leadership

McChord Flightline Chatter

2016 Team McChord annual award winners

Congratulations to the following members of Team McChord who were named the 2016 Team McChord Annual Award recipients.Key SpouseMrs. Rachel Deaton, 62nd Maintenance GroupCivilian Category IMr. Brandon Mudrey, 62nd Maintenance GroupCivilian Category IIAMr. Lowell Mooney, Jr, 62nd Operations GroupCivilian Category IIBMr. Mathew Zubrod, 62nd Maintenance Group AirmanSenior Airman Brandon Reed, 62nd

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