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Barry Crust and the Brick of Remembrance


Barry Crust and the Brick of Remembrance

For most people, there are four stages of school: elementary, junior high (middle school), high school and college. Each stage can and usually brings drastic changes to a student's lifestyle and educational setting. Now, a drastic change comes to a specific junior high school - Hudtloff Middle School. In the fall

Free holiday feast for JBLM troops and families

Operation Family Support

Free holiday feast for JBLM troops and families

Out comes the turkey, the ham and the baked potatoes, as one local business offers a free feast for 300-plus military personnel and their families in December. South Tacoma Auto celebrates its 3rd annual holiday feast to commemorate the service of our country's military, and is inviting local military to

Motorbikes and Turkeys Drops

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Motorbikes and Turkeys Drops

What do motorcycles have in common with turkeys?  Pretty much absolutely nothing.  After all, a turkey has feathers, and a motorbike has polished steel.  Despite the dissimilarities between a tasty avian and a mechanical work of art, the two are being brought together as Northwest Harley-Davidson in Lacey organizes their

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Lemay Museum debuts Meet at the Ace Festival

Polished steel, exhaust, gaskets, clutches and torque. If the first image that popped up was of an automobile, then you'd be half correct.  Cut the car in two, remove the roof and add a kickstand then finally the finished product might look something like a motorcycle.  However, if seeing motorcycles

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