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Ty Segall

Self titled debut release

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Imagine you had a magical martini shaker and put in the heavy, reverb guitar of the White Stripes’ first album, the catchy three-chord riff of the Kinks, and some surf-rock vocals from the Beach Boys. You’d be serving up a Ty Segall cocktail.  His debut self-titled album blows away the listener with twelve tracks all hovering around two minutes.  Segall comes in like a storm, hits hard with his combo of roots-punk and garage rock, and gets out.  The strongest tracks on Ty Segall are “Go Home” and “Dating” – arguably the most Kinks-esque on the album.  The crazy thing is that Segall plays his minimal stomping drum kit, guitar, and sings all at once in live performances.  Don’t be fooled, this album doesn’t sound like a one man band…it sounds like a two man band, at least.  A little rough around the edges and more than a little gritty, Ty Segall is sure to please fans of garage rock and punk who are looking to get back to their roots.

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