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Crude, rude, and funny

Killers of comedy host is back at Jazzbones Tuesday

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Bobble Tiki is a tiki of many skills and talents. Pegging Bobble Tiki is nearly impossible. Bobble Tiki’s a friend to some and a foe to others. Bobble Tiki’s both a mover and a shaker. Bobble Tiki is a lover and a hater.

Bobble Tiki is many things.

For this reason, Bobble Tiki has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to his weekly column. Typically Bobble Tiki covers music, but he’s bound by no genres. Whether it’s a barbershop quartet or No Quarter, Bobble Tiki can cover them both with expertise. In fact, Bobble Tiki isn’t even limited to music. If Bobble Tiki wants to cover an RV show — he can. If Bobble Tiki wants to write about the latest Halo game — he has that leeway. Pretty much anything Bobble Tiki can cook up is fair game.

This week Bobble Tiki is focused on comedy, and specifically Jason Stewart’s show coming up at Jazzbones Tuesday, Dec. 18. A well known name around these parts, thanks to a 13-year professional career that has featured heavy doses of the Comedy Underground and Jazzbones Comedy Night, Stewart is one of the funniest individuals Bobble Tiki has ever met.
Admittedly, Bobble Tiki hopped on the Jason Stewart bandwagon a little late. It wasn’t until last year when Stewart brought Howard Stern’s “Killers of Comedy” to Jazzbones that Bobble Tiki realized what a talent he was. Bobble Tiki had seen Stewart perform at Jazzbones Comedy Nights, and thought he was extremely funny, but had no idea he was connected with the Stern show or the Killers of Comedy. Bobble Tiki just thought he was from Auburn. As Bobble Tiki saw with his very own eyes, Stewart was very much connected with the Killers of Comedy. He still is, and they even pay him.

“That’s actually a pretty funny story,” says Stewart of how he became involved with the Killers of Comedy.

“They needed someone to fly across country with Gary the Retard, and I said I’d do it if they let me on stage every once and a while. What started out as a paid vacation has turned into a paying comedy gig.”

Not only will Stewart be bringing down the house with laughs next Tuesday at Jazzbones, but he’ll be recording the magic for a DVD he hopes to release early next year. Stewart plans to utilize three camera angles for a very professional product and capture audio for the making of a CD. This said, if you show up on Tuesday to Jazzbones not only will you have the chance to see Stewart do what he does best — make people laugh — but you’ll get to be part of a DVD and CD documenting the entire evening. (This means you could be the guy with the super annoying laugh on the Jason Stewart DVD and CD!)

“It started with all my friends telling me I was funny,” explains Stewart about the start of his professional comedy career.

“Then you start to believe it, go to a couple open mics, and fail miserably. There’s a difference between making your friends laugh and making an audience laugh. Your friends forgive you. An audience will forgive you too, but the true trick of comedy is to befriend them. Somewhere along the line the light goes on, and things get a whole lot easier.”
It seems, for Stewart, the light is on. Based on his past performances at Jazzbones, of which there are many, Stewart definitely knows how to befriend a crowd — and have them roaring with laughter in no time. He’s done it again and again at Jazzbones. Bobble Tiki expects this Tuesday’s DVD shoot to be no different.

Why should you be interested?

“Because crazy, crazy s*** happens at each and every one of my shows. I don’t know what it’ll be yet, but it’ll be something,” says Stewart.

That’s enough for Bobble Tiki.

Jason Stewart will take the stage for Jazzbones Comedy Night this Tuesday. Opening the show will be Susan Jones, and as usual, Ralph Porter will host. The show will cost you 10 bucks at the door, which in Bobble Tiki’s experience, is a small price to pay for the comedy of Jason Stewart.

Once again, Bobble Tiki doesn’t care what you do this week because he doesn’t even know you. Hopefully Bobble Tiki’s lack of regard for your existence isn’t surprising anymore. As Bobble Tiki’s prophetic father used to say, “That’s how the cookie crumbles.” Don’t take it personally. Check out for Breakfast with Bobble Tiki every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and consider yourself lucky not to be on the short list of friends Bobble Tiki starts text messaging after his third mojito. 

[Jazzbones, with Susan Jones and Ralph Porter, Tuesday, Dec. 18,  8 p.m., all ages, $5, 2803 Sixth_Ave., Tacoma, 253.396.9169]
Bobble Tiki is going out of his head via e-mail at and www.myspace. com/bobbletiki

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