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Sea Grill’s Fruity Pebbles

Drinking a a circle of blue

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Before you put on your Sunday best to go do some heavy drinking at the Sea Grill, heed this warning: You will go broke at the bar at the Sea Grill. The booze is top-shelf stuff and comes in all varieties.  I love it when I get to ask the bartender what something is, and you should too. Remember: It’s not just a drinking binge; it’s an adventure.

If wine is your thing, then you also are in trouble here; they have bottle upon bottle of the stuff, shelved in a temperature-controlled, glass-encased cellar.  I would have to say that the sole reason I would go here would be to impress a date. The place just screams, “Baby, I really love you,” albeit in a posh and materialistic way.

But I’m Brad Allen — light-in-the-wallet lush.  My date and I pounded the Grill’s Fruity Pebbles one after another until I, no surprise, started pounding on the circular bar with a “Bam! Bam!”  Apparently that joke is old.  No laughs. 

Arriving in a martini glass, Fruity Pebbles consists of Stoli Razberi vodka, Absolut Mandarin vodka, triple sec, orange juice, cranberry juice all muddled with fruit.  The sweetness hides the “Bam! Bam!”  Once in the car, I stuck my leg out the window for a little Fred Flintstone car power. 

Again, no laughs.  

[Sea Grill, 1498 Pacific Ave., downtown Tacoma, (253) 272-5656]

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