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Clamae hugeitus

Harbor Light's whatever

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This species is one of the best kept secrets on Ruston Way.  Great views, stiff drinks, fine dining in massive portions, and the lounge is home to the Purse Fumbler.  She’ll slide next to you as your drink is winding down its brilliant and oh-too-brief appearance.  After striking up a friendly conversation, she’ll get you to order the round.  When the bartender sets them down, she’ll dig and dig in that black hole of a purse, she will pull out enough makeup, pens and bar napkins to fill your car’s trunk.  No matter how hard she looks she cannot find that elusive money or credit card.  You will eventually fold and pay up.  Oh yes you will.

Drink Choice: Whatever.  No matter, because the Harbor Lights Lounge has become the definitive pre-show gathering spot for clubgoers and rock cats. Why?  It serves the strongest drinks in Tacoma and closes before 11 p.m. 

[Harbor Lights, 2761 N. Ruston Way, Tacoma, 253.752.8600]


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