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Sweet Saturdays Salsa

Lakewood sports pub gets down

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Every Sunday morning a crowd huddles around Bobble Tiki in a downtown Tacoma condo elevator (Bobble Tiki rather not get into it), waiting to push into a claustrophobic container. Nearby, a door leads to another option: a stairway. Nobody opens that door.

But later that day, at the YMCA, these same people wait for their turns on Stairmaster machines. Where do these stairs go? Nowhere, and fast.

To some people, such a scene sounds like fodder for an Alanis Morissette song.  And though many people are heading back to the gym to harden their asses for summer, sweating for its own sake is not Bobble Tiki’s idea of a good time. 

That’s why Bobble Tiki suggests everyone flock to the Sweet Saturdays Salsa night at Oh! Gallagher’s every Saturday. 

Yes, this Lakewood sports bar has tapped into the large Latino community and packs the joint — 200-plus — for DJ Mauro’s expertise. Potent, effervescent, equal parts sweet and tart — Salsa, meringue, bachata, and more get the clubbers spinning at this joint that screams Jäger shots rather than sangria. 

Bobble Tiki, unfortunately, will not be able to attend this Saturday.  Not that he doesn’t want to, but, years ago he was in a production of “La Bamba” that Cousin directed; and though he never said so, Bobble Tiki’s pathetic and unsuccessful attempts to learn a few simple dance steps is what actually drove Cousin out of town. 

[Oh! Gallagher’s Sports Pub, 9 p.m. Saturdays, 7304 Lakewood Dr. W., Lakewood, 253.476.8787]

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