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Wanting Seattle's top job

Former soldier runs for mayor

Former soldier and business owner Greg Hamilton is running for mayor of Seattle. Courtesy photo

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Greg Hamilton, a former Ranger and Special Forces soldier, wants to be Seattle's next mayor.

"It's the craziest thing I've ever done in my life," he said in announcing his campaign in a YouTube video.

He contends that Seattle has serious challenges, and he wants to address them in a transparent and cost-effective manner.

"I am running because of the incompetence and arrogance that have caused our multitude of problems," he wrote in an email.

Twenty other candidates have filed to fill the office, a non-partisan position, and six of them are considered serious contenders due to name recognition and positions.

"Homelessness, crime, traffic, cost of living, parking, heroin use, et cetera all need to be addressed," continued Hamilton.

As to the other candidates with clear political party ties, Hamilton wrote that the mayor is the executive leader for all of Seattle and not for just one party or the other.

Hamilton owns two businesses:  Insights Training Center and Freyr Farms.

"My businesses give me a great appreciation for not wasting money," he wrote. "We need government leaders who aren't basically junkies for spending other people's money."

A dark horse in the crowded field, Hamilton has garnered noticeable attention.

In a poll conducted to see whom Seattle voters would most like of the lesser-known candidates, Hamilton polled the most votes with a 43 percent showing.

He knows Seattle as well as anyone can.  

Raised in a 900-square-foot home in West Seattle, Hamilton attended school at EC Hughes Elementary and Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School.

After high school, he served for more than two decades in the Army as both a Ranger and a Special Forces soldier.

He believes his military experiences are an excellent foundation for continuing to serve as Seattle's mayor.

"I think I understand how to build teams," Hamilton wrote, describing how his military experience will help him.  "I understand how to explain vision and intent, how to take feedback and then how to get the team to execute even if they don't all agree with the vision."

If elected, Hamilton would place significant attention on public safety, cost of living, transportation and education issues.

"My vision for Seattle is to restore sanity and accountability to the leadership and to empower the people to feel they have a vested interest in their city," he continued. "Seattle's government must restore faith in its ability to efficiently match finite resources with clearly defined, prioritized programs."

Hamilton also recognizes the importance the city of Seattle has on the Puget Sound area.

"What happens in Seattle doesn't stay in Seattle," he concluded. "It spreads, and what happens here matters to everyone in the region.  We all have an interest in Seattle being run sanely."

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