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Brig. Gen. Halstead to speak at 2013 Women Veterans Summit in Tacoma

Retired Brig. Gen. Rebecca (Becky) Halstead brings her STEADFAST Leadership to Tacoma.

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Retired Brig. Gen. Rebecca (Becky) Halstead spent 27 years in the Army and was the first female graduate of West Point to reach the rank of general officer. She is living proof that life is a continuous opportunity for growth, education and improvement. 

"The day you stop learning is the day you stop living," she said.

Since her retirement in 2008, Halstead has been working hard to spread that message through her company, STEADFAST Leadership. The name is derived from her command philosophy, which was developed years ago. Though the specific words have evolved slightly over the years to focus on more than just the military, the message remains intact: Soldiering; Training; Excellence; Attitude; Discipline; Family, Friends and Faith; Accountability; Safety; and Teamwork.

"It took on a life of its own," Halstead said. "The Soldiers continued to use the term and repeat it back to me. It was something that they told me they'd retained above all else long after I was out of command."

One of Halstead's goals is to take the leadership and life lessons that she learned from her decades in the Army and transfer and translate them for the corporate sector. At the same time, she also continues to work with veterans to help them find a ‘better version of themselves,' both health-wise and with regard to leadership in their respective careers.

"If I can share anything that would help your path to be less bumpy and make you more aware and help you make fewer mistakes than I make - that's the most important thing that I can do," she said. "Everyone is in search of work/life balance - which doesn't exist! You need to have a WIN attitude (What's Important Now) and that means you have to prioritize based on what is more important at that moment time," she continued. "Many veterans are sick and tired of being sick and tired ... and they might not realize how bad some of their habits are and how that is affecting their entire life."

When Halstead ended her military career, it was because she had had to develop a ‘win' attitude and learn to concentrate more on the medical struggles she was facing and less on other aspects of her life. The change in lifestyle altered her perspective and made her into the role model she is today.

"Becky lived the life of deployments and understands the challenges and hurdles of transitioning to a new normal," explained Mary Forbes, assistant director of veteran services for the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs. "She empowers listeners to take action to improve their overall wellness and to do so in a simple manner."

Halstead will be the guest speaker at a luncheon on June 29 at the 2013 Women Veterans Summit at the Tacoma Convention Center. Throughout the day, attendees will be able to connect with her and hear her story.

"Last year at the conference, Becky really made an impact, and that's why we asked her to come back," Forbes said.

"You will find that this is a rewarding experience because of all the people that attend - not because of me or my speech - but really because of all the people you can connect with," Halstead said. "I encourage everyone who can to treat themselves to time away from their normal routines and take their lives to the next level."

For more information about Halstead and her message, visit For more information about the Women Veterans Summit, visit its website.

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