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The Veterans Health Library expands online presence

Provides veteran-focused health information

The Veterans Health Library gives veterans access to health information to help them make informed decisions on their care. Photo credit: VA News

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The Veterans Health Library has over 1,600 health sheets and 175 videos in both English and Spanish. It gives veterans access to health information to help them make informed decisions on their care.

The medical content in the library aligns with the latest Department of Defense and VA clinical guidelines, and is regularly updated to include information on VA programs and resources that align with different health topics.

Angela Kumar leads VA's National Veterans Health Education and Information Program. That program supports the Veterans Health Library to provide veterans with the right health information at the right point in time. This allows veterans to make the best decisions for their health.

"According to end user feedback we receive on the website, veterans feel more prepared to ask questions at their next health care appointment after viewing information on the Veterans Health Library," Kumar said. "We've added new interactive tools based on this feedback to help veterans feel prepared to discuss important health care decisions with their providers, such as getting a flu vaccine or taking insulin to manage type 2 diabetes."


-       "The site is very informative, easy to navigate and understand. Thanks so much for this information, I really needed this!"

-       "This is my first time using the Veterans Health Library and I will be back. I have several health problems and it's very valuable information."

Veterans are encouraged to visit the Veterans Health Library to learn more about their health conditions.

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