Eat This Now: Dork Balls

By Jackie Fender on August 26, 2014

Hi, my name is Jackie Fender, and I am an addict. A burger addict.

It's true! My amore for juicy beef patties sandwiched between buns is almost at an embarrassing height of burger fandom. I could go on and on about some of my favorite burgers, but feel like the hamburger has gotten an unfair amount of attention from me in past "Eat This Now" columns. So today, while I'm recommending a burger joint, I'm going to mix it up.

Let me begin by saying visit Lunchbox Laboratory because ... well, because it has great burgers and a wide variety of condiments, cheeses and sides. So you can be hankering for just about anything and find the burger for you. Pair that with a kitschy interior that highlights a vintage appeal, including an old-school tin lunchbox collection that is quite impressive, and you've got a play on "laboratory" styled dining. This includes cocktails served in beakers, a mad-scientist ambiance in general and a focus on housemade sauces, rubs, batter and more that feature fresh and organic ingredients with fun, compelling flavor combos.

You should also visit Lunchbox Laboratory for its Dork Balls ($8.99). We aren't calling them derogatory names for being nerdalicious, but rather "Dork" is a duck and pork meatball concoction that is utterly divine. Three tasty D(uck)(P)ork meatballs are dipped in the housemade white corn batter and fried. The exterior is golden brown and beautiful, whispering a little sweetness and reminding you of corndogs at the fair. The meatball inside is tender and tasty. Paired with pickled daikon radish and a balsamic hoisin reduction on the side, you get a little Asian flair and a damn tasty appetizer.

If you haven't been by Lunchbox Laboratory,I say give it a go for a little bit of a dining adventure. The service staff will exuberantly educate you about their food alchemists' delectable, delicious vision.

LUNCHBOX LABORATORY, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, 4109 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, 253.432.4061