Kitsap CollaBEERation Week begins Monday

By Ron Swarner on July 1, 2014

Last summer, a writer pitched the idea of a big-ass Weekly Volcano cover story on Kitsap Peninsula craft breweries; an insightful genius spread over five photo-festooned pages and an extra few thousand words or so. Since such a piece didn't quite meet our cover-story criteria of the Three L's (Local, Low-cost, Low-cost), it didn't happen. It's a shame, too. Next week is Kitsap CollaBEERation Week, and with two of the L's still enforced, I'm reduced to a preview from my wobbly chair.

In a region flush with gorgeous harbors, rural communities and cheap motels, the Kitsap Peninsula also houses 10 breweries between Gig Harbor and Kingston. And, because the head brewers at each of these breweries also run the post office, fire station and delivery mail, it's become a tight beer community. Wait, this just in. Nope, I'm wrong. Kitsap Peninsula isn't that rural. The Kitsap CollaBEERation Week running July 6-11 isn't happening because they see each other on a daily basis, but rather it's going down as a way to bring awareness and strengthen the West Sound craft beer industry, hang out under friendly circumstances and build momentum heading into the huge Bremerton Summer BeerFest Saturday, July 12. All 10 breweries will haul kegs past the Bremerton beer festival gates.

According to Kitsap CollaBEERation hype, the week of pairing will "showcase the community spirit in liquid form. Kitsap Peninsula breweries were paired up two by two to create special collaborative beers. The breweries will then showcase the creations each day of the week leading up to the Bremerton Summer BeerFest. A limited amount will be available at the Fest as well at each brewery's booth."

Participating brewers include Bainbridge Island Brewing Company, Der Bloken Brewery, Hood Canal Brewery, Rainy Daze Brewing Co., Slaughter County Brewing Co., Slippery Pig Brewery, Silver City Brewery, Sound Brewery, Valholl Brewing and Gig Harbor's 7 Seas Brewing.

This is one of the only weeks on the Kitsap Peninsula when it's OK to be a professional alcoholic, so get out there and take advantage of the special events at each of the collaborating breweries:

MONDAY, JULY 7: Sound Brewery taproom and 7 Seas Brewing taproom - Crossover Cask Collaborations

TUESDAY, JULY 8: Bainbridge Island taproom and Der Blokken Brewery - India Kolsch Style Ale

WEDNESDAY, JULY 9: Silver City Brewery taproom in Bremerton and Rainy Daze Brewing at The Manette Saloon - Rain City India Red Ale

THURSDAY, JULY 10: Slippery Pig taproom and Slaughter County Brewing taproom - Slaughtered Pig Ale

FRIDAY, JULY 11: Valholl Brewery taproom and Hood Canal Brewery taproom - North Kitsap ESB