Three Sisters Tacoma Szechuan

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9601 S. Tacoma Way
(253) 581-0102

Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Take-out, Vegetarian-Friendly
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Reviewed by: Ron Swarner

Folks, this is as real as it gets around here. Chinese (Sichuan) with a huge menu, well over a hundred options, and the portions are big and the flavors fresh. Their idea of a starter soup is more trough-like than cup. Crispy pork & tofu with hot tomato sauce, hot pepper fried shredded potato, eggplant in hot garlic sauce — they excel in hot and spicy.

Thin, marinated lamb strips had a bit of fat, giving the dish a bump in richness. Quite tender meat gave easily at tooth touch. White onion and green and red bell peppers made up half the dish. Plentiful dried chili pepper pods were carefully avoided after a first blind forkful nearly made my head explode.


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