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Marty McClendon declares write-in campaign for the 10th Congressional District

Marty McClendon is now officially a write-in candidate for the 10th Congressional District. Photo courtesy

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Gig Harbor, WA - Marty McClendon, who was recently running for Lt. Governor is now officially filed as a write-in candidate for the 10th Congressional District. "We ran an amazing race for Lt. Governor, but unfortunately, it was just a crowded field from the Republican side, which resulted in two Democrats advancing," said Marty. "From the time I announced up until the primary, I toured the state listening to the voters and spreading my platform, and that resonated with them as it showed on the results. If we would have had one less candidate in that race, I'm confident I would be going up again Denny Heck in the general election."

As per current Washington state law, Marty is unable to be a write-in candidate for Lt. Governor but is, however, allowed to run for another seat. "We had amazing candidates running for the 10th Congressional, but once again, a crowded field cleared the way for two Democrats to fight it out for Heck's open seat. I will not let that stand, the voters in the district will not either, we have a perfect opportunity to take this seat while the two Democrats are splitting the votes as they cater to different bases. All we have to do is run a strong campaign and inform voters of my candidacy. We will turn the 10th red for the first time since its creation"

Marty McClendon is a well-known Real Estate Broker, Conservative Radio show host, former pastor, Pierce County Republican Party Chairman, and 2016 Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor. Marty is an unabashed conservative, outspoken Christian and will use his experiences to be a voice for the 10th on the federal level. "My platform hasn't changed, and it can be applied to the federal level just as easily as the state. We need to make sure we have accountability in our government, that we are always looking about how decisions we make today our affecting our children tomorrow." Marty is endorsed by Rian Ingrim, who had the most votes out of all the Republican candidates. "Our conservative message won out against all other Republicans, but the vote was too spread out to beat the Democrats." said Rian. "Regardless, we move on, and we fight on! We must not allow two democrats alone to fight over our district. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that I would like to endorse our friend Marty McClendon in the 10th congressional district as our write-in candidate."

Marty hopes other candidates from the race will offer their support and endorsement as he begins this unique campaign. "We aren't stopping the momentum, we built up a great base from the Lt. Governor race, and we are transferring that energy into this race. If everyone helps each other, we WILL take this seat." You can find more about Marty by visiting


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