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62nd AW airmen shine as best in 2018

Congratulations to this year’s award winners

The 62nd Airlift Wing Annual Award winners pose with Col. Scovill W. Currin and Chief Master Sgt. Jeffrey C. Sandusky inside the McChord Club on Joint Base Lewis-McChord Feb. 14. Photo credit: Airman Mikayla Heineck

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Friends, family, co-workers and community partners honored the 2018 nominees chosen as top performers in their units during the 62nd Airlift Wing Annual Awards Ceremony Feb. 15.

Nominees in the 14 categories -- airmen, noncommissioned officer (NCO), senior noncommissioned officer (SNCO), junior company-grade officer (JCGO), company-grade officer (CGO), field-grade officer (FGO), civilian category I, civilian category IIA, civilian category IIB, civilian category III, service team, innovation team, key spouse and first sergeant -- separated themselves from their peers through outstanding performance and commitment.

"As I looked at all of our categories, they are all equally special to me because this is a big team with everybody rowing the same way," Sandusky emphasized.

This team was instrumental in the wing's selection process. Nominees began with a nomination from their work-center supervisor and leadership, survived several layers of scrutiny to make it to the final panels, which resulted in the selection of some of our finest men and women.

"The competition was so stiff this year that every person who was nominated should walk out of here knowing they are a winner," Chief Master Sgt. Jeff Sandusky, 62nd AW command chief master sergeant, shared with the audience.

Wing leaders nominated airmen because of their display of an exceptional work ethic, continuous personal development and an unrivaled commitment to their community; each serves as an example of the core values we all share - integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The top candidates' packages survived through the group level to bring us to this culminating event.

"Being a 62nd Airlift Wing annual award winner is huge and you deserved it!" Sandusky exulted.

The 62nd Operations Group (OG), 62nd Maintenance Group (MXG), and 62nd AW Wing Staff Agencies (WSA)/ 62nd Medical Squadron (MDS) nominees and winners for each category were:


  • 62nd MXG -- Senior Airman Andrew Doody-Veilleux
  • 62nd OG -- Senior Airman Alexander Herman
  • 62nd WSA/ MDS -- Senior Airman Lawrence Mitchell


  • 62nd MXG -- Tech. Sgt. Harlyn Johnson
  • 62nd OG -- Staff Sgt. John Draxler
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Tech. Sgt. Kayla Stammen


  • 62nd MXG -- Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Earll
  • 62nd OG -- Master Sgt. Rich Brownlee
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Master Sgt. Benjamin Aldridge


  • 62nd MXG -- 1st Lt. Sara Buhler
  • 62nd OG -- 1st Lt. Tessa Land
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- 1st Lt. Christopher Bissing


  • 62nd MXG -- Capt. Joseph Griffin
  • 62nd OG -- Capt. Amy Banks
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Capt. Alicia Ojeda


  • 62nd OG -- Maj. Patrick Warfel
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Maj. Sara Ayers

Civilian Category I:

  • 62nd MXG -- Jason Aven
  • 62nd OG -- Barvara Bailey
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Aumbirh Jones

Civilian Category IIA:

  • 62nd MXG -- Dallas Nickerson
  • 62nd OG -- Lowell Mooney
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Bryan Dochnal

Civilian Category IIB:

  • 62nd MXG -- Brendan Hilton
  • 62nd OG -- Eileen Rodriguez
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Genevieve Henderson

Civilian Category III:

  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Robert McAlpine

Service Team:

  • 62nd MXG -- Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS) Service Team
  • 62nd OG -- Wing Current Operations Team
  • 62nd WSA/MDS -- Force Development Flight

Innovation Team:

  • 62nd MXG -- AMXS Innovation Team
  • 62nd OG -- Aircrew Flight Equipment

Key Spouse:

  • 62nd MXG -- Madison

First Sergeant:

  • 62nd MXG -- Master Sgt. Garret Skinner
  • 62nd OG -- Master Sgt. Stephanie Field

The airmen who earned wing-level awards will go on to compete at 18th Air Force, representing the 62nd AW vision -- World's Greatest Airlift Team ... Where Airmen Matter -- at the numbered Air Force level. If you see these airmen, please take the time to congratulate them for their accomplishments.

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