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Operations group Reservists ace evaluation

446th AW earns accolades for passing evaluation

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(446th AW PA) - The fact that 279 aircrew Reservists averaged 98.9 percent on a closed book test, with zero failures, is just one factor in the 446th Airlift Wing earning accolades from its recent Aircrew Standard Evaluation Visit June 18-July 2.

The 62nd Airlift Wing also excelled in the ASEV.

Even before the scheduled ASEV, Reservists here were subject to on-the-spot evaluations by Air Mobility Command examiners as early as Feb. 19.

"You're doing a great job," said Col. Robert Holba, ASEV team chief to the members of the 446th and 62nd Airlift Wings who attended the outbrief. "You set the bar high and I'm very impressed."

The ASEV team comprised of approximately 19 evaluators and specialists from AMC and other bases.

During their visit, inspectors administered a closed-book evaluation to all available crew members, including deployed Airmen, to test their knowledge of emergency procedures, aircraft systems and limitations and command instructions.

The ASEV looked at performance for all four crew positions - pilots, loadmasters, flight nurses and medical technicians - in the 446th AW.

The result of the ASEV is proof the 446th AW is mission ready.

"Air Mobility Command makes mission ready possible, the 446th makes mission ready happen," said Holba, lead inspector from AMC, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. "The 446th AW is one of the leading units in Air Force Reserve Command and there are many heroes in this wing."

The purpose of an ASEV, in this case, is to evaluate how wing aircrew members from the 446th and 62nd Airlift Wings perform their duties and responsibilities on the ground, in-flight and administratively. The examiners make sure the crews accomplish their jobs safely and according to regulatory and flight-manual guidance.

SPOT EVALS determine proficiency levels and administrative reviews to make sure the correct procedures are being followed.

"The 446th AW has always done well, which is a reflection of the quality aircrew and support personnel," he said.

Col. Bruce Bowers, 446th AW commander, expressed his pride in the wing by saying, "I have never seen performance like this in 31 years. The words extraordinary, solid, well-deserved, and exceptional were used to describe this wing."

According to Bowers, the word "exceptional" was used twice because they ran out of adjectives to describe how awesome the wing is and he attributes it all to the hard-working Reservists here.

Among those hard-working Reservists are the ASEV's Top Performers:

Lt. Cols. Pete Buehn, John Scacciotti and Christopher Von Thaden, and Nancy Puglis, and Tech. Sgt. Lyn Yin.

Additionally Master Robert Bertsch, 728th Airlift Squadron, was recognized for Outstanding Airmanship. According to the ASEV team, Bertsch demonstrated exceptional performance during his HQ AMC ASEV evaluation. His systems knowledge, and aircrew abilities distinguished him throughout the mission.

The 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron was recognized for an excellent medical equipment program as well.

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