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Muscling up to compete

Bodybuilding events show the best

The upcoming 2019 JBLM Bodybuilding Competition promises to be one of the best. Photo credit: JBLM MWR

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Bodybuilders are athletes who, through hard physical work and planned nutrition, chisel their bodies into works of art.

In talking about his attitude about bodybuilding, noted bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "You look at your body and it doesn't even seem to belong to you. It's like a sculpture."

On Saturday, June 22, Joint Base Lewis-McChord MWR will host the 2019 JBLM Bodybuilding Competition at the Nelson Recreation Center, located at 3168 2nd Division Ave.

The JBLM community is welcome to attend this display of muscled sculptures.

"This will be an awesome competition," said Josh Soldan, recreation division chief.

"Bodybuilding building is an extremely healthy way of life, and if we can inspire just a few servicemembers to change their lifestyles to want to compete, then we are supporting retention."

For the convenience of the spectators, here is a list of the day's events:

Competitors will check in and meet at 7 a.m.; pre-judging will begin at 8 a.m.; evening show and final competition is at 2 p.m. 

Spectators will listen to house music during prejudging. During the evening show, however, the variety of music will change as each competitor can bring and play their own tunes. 

Families who bring young members can do so knowing that the contestants' swimsuits will be in good taste.

All competitors will be judged on symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise, and beauty flow. Posing will consist of quarter turns and mandatory poses: front double biceps, a front twisting pose, side chest, back double biceps, side triceps, and ab/thigh.

As to bodybuilding poses, competitors will transition through the following poses: front double biceps, front lateral spread, side chest, rear double biceps, rear lateral spread, side triceps and abdominal/thigh. Additional poses may be requested by the judges.

"This will be a great chance for people to see just how hard these competitors -- male and female -- have worked to achieve the best in bodybuilding," said Soldan.

Afterwards, trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division. All participants will receive an event medal.

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