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Unique baby shoes

Tacoma Tot offers comfortable shoes for the ankle-biter set

Tacoma Tot offers unique, handcrafted, soft fabric shoes for babies and toddlers. Photo credit: Kyle Kaz Photography

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Searching for that perfect Christmas gift for the tiniest people on your list? Tacoma Tot may have exactly what you're looking for. Started in winter of 2017 by mother of two, Alicia Blakefield, Tacoma Tot offers beautiful, handcrafted, soft, comfortable shoes for the ankle-biter set.

Blakefield, who is the wife of Army National Guard Sgt. Shaun Blakefield, got the idea after struggling with baby socks that never stayed in place and baby shoes that were always challenging to put on. When baby number two came along, she toyed with the idea of just skipping footwear altogether. However, since freezing tiny toes were not an option, Blakefield began looking for alternatives to traditional baby shoes and socks. She found what she was looking for: soft fabric shoes that were so warm and so comfortable they didn't require socks. But their $20 to $30 price tag seemed kind of high to this mom on a budget, especially when she knew she could make something similar -- or even better -- for a fraction of the price.

So Blakefield got to work designing and constructing a couple pairs of soft, comfortable shoes for her baby son. She discovered that, not only were the shoes exactly what she'd been looking for, but she actually enjoyed making them. So she made another batch to see if other moms might be interested in purchasing them, and Tacoma Tot was born.

With a vision to provide quality, handmade, comfortable, fabric baby and toddler shoes for an affordable price, Blakefield began marketing her unique creations at local farmers markets and other neighborhood events. "It is still my favorite way to sell," she says, even though she now has an online presence as well. "Being able to meet ... families and their cute kids brings a smile to my face."

Blakefield, who still creates each pair of shoes herself, says that her favorite part is choosing the fabric. "Customers often mention how hard it is to choose (a pair of shoes) on account of my numerous patterns," she says.

"Having my own business gives me something outside of the home to be passionate about," says Blakefield. "As a stay-at-home mom, the day-to-day can become a long line of seemingly similar days, and getting out to sell shoes at markets is a great way to get out of the house every few weeks and meet people."

However, Blakefield finds it a bit ironic that she has chosen this particular business. "Funny story," she says, "I grew up homeschooled and sewed a lot of my own clothes, and as an adult I always shied away from being ‘crafty' because of my childhood sewing. I still laugh when people say they like my work because I never imagined I would sew for a business."

Tacoma Tot shoes can be found at local fairs, farmers markets and bazaars. To find out where Blakefield will be next, follow Tacoma Tot on Facebook and Instagram. The shoes can also be purchased at This adorable footwear is available in an ever-changing variety of patterns with a choice of non-skid or Sherpa soles. The sizes range from 3/6 months to 18/24 months. "The sizing is similar to baby clothing," says Blakefield. "When in doubt, size up!"

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