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Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade brings virtual celebrations to wounded veterans, and spouses of deployed military

An army of volunteers ready to support expectant families of the military community with virtual baby showers. Photo courtesy Soldiers’ Angels.

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Welcoming a new baby into the world can prove challenging for any family, but military and veteran families face additional challenges that can quickly fill this moment with stress and worry. Thankfully, national nonprofit Soldiers' Angels is here to help ease the pressure.

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led organization that has created a variety of virtual volunteer teams to address specific challenges and needs faced by wounded or deployed service members, military families, and veterans of all eras. One of the many teams is called Baby Brigade.

No, it's not an infantry of cute babies - but it is an army of volunteers ready to support expectant families of the military community with virtual baby showers.

How It Works

Eligible* families will need to register to receive support from Soldiers' Angels and provide some paperwork that will help Soldiers' Angels confirm you are who you say you are.

During the registration process, you will provide details about the baby's due date, if it's a boy or girl (or if it's a surprise!), and even what the planned theme and color is for the nursery. Most importantly, you'll include links to your existing registries or select from a list of needed items.

From there, you sit back, relax and enjoy your quiet time before the new baby arrives. Soldiers' Angels volunteers will shop, pack, ship, and even hand-make items to help you welcome your new bundle of joy.

What to Expect

While there is no guarantee that Soldiers' Angels will be able to provide all items requested, participating families will definitely be showered! Not only can families expect to check some boxes off their registries, they will also receive cards of support and congratulations from Soldiers' Angels volunteers across the country and even around the world.

In addition, families will also receive a gift basket from Soldiers' Angels.

Handmade Items

As mentioned above, Soldiers' Angels leads several virtual volunteer teams. Another of those teams is the Soldiers' Angels Sewing and Crafting Team. This unique team of talented volunteers provide handmade items to support many of the Soldiers' Angels virtual teams, including Baby Brigade.

During the registration process, families will be asked if they would like to receive handmade items such as bibs, blankets, and booties. If so, the Soldiers' Angels Sewing and Crafting Team will be deployed to provide unique items as requested.

Why You Should Join

Soldiers' Angels has been supporting the military community since 2003. Originally established as a care package organization supporting deployed service members, the organization has since grown to provide services to support every phase of military life.

With the outpouring of support provided by everyday citizens through Soldiers' Angels, you and your family will see that the bright light of American patriotism is still very much alive and well. But, don't take our word for it - here's what others had to say about the support they received from Soldiers' Angels Baby Brigade:

"We got well over 30 cards welcoming little Elena into the world and thanking Bryce for his service. To some this wouldn't mean much, but for me this meant the world. Some days without family here, feeling huge and exhausted, Bryce having duty or being gone... coming home to a card just made my day so much better. Thank you for all who have volunteered at Soldiers' Angels and these beautiful cards for Elena!"

"The Soldiers' Angels are coming in RIGHT ON TIME. Regardless of it is one bootie or several things off of our list, the support of having this as an option MEANS THE WORLD! I really feel like a Brigade of impassioned soldiers are in the trenches along with me during this journey. So again we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and pray for limitless blessings for all involved!"

*To be eligible for this program, the expectant mother must be the spouse of a deployed service member or the spouse of a post-9/11 wounded, ill, or injured service member or Veteran, or an expectant post-9/11 wounded, ill, or injured Veteran. Expectant families can register at any time and will receive support within 90 days of their estimated due date and must not have already given birth.

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