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Five spots near JBLM to get bubble tea

Where to find the best bubble tea in the South Sound

There is never a wrong time to grab a delicious bubble tea Photo credit: Stock photo

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Bubble Tea is one of those beverages we're never not craving. Tea accompanied by chewy tapioca balls is our favorite combination, but we have been known to switch it up for other milk and topping options as well. Next time you're craving bubble tea, we've gone ahead and done the delicious work for you of compiling the best bubble tea shops close to JBLM. 

First up on our must try list is Bubble Island located on South Tacoma Way. This spot is not only known for the walls lined with polaroid photos, but also their large array of flavor selection. Taro, honeydew melon, passion fruit, lychee, almond and green bean are among just some of the options. Fresh fruit add-ons such as strawberry, passion fruit, mango and concord grape along with tapioca, coconut jelly and rainbow jelly toppings are also available selections. This is also a fun spot to play a game of chess on a large  board or a game of foosball. Due to COVID-19 selections' and games' availability may vary.

Hi Bubble Tea, also located on South Tacoma Way,is next up on our list and specializing in traditional fruit tea as well as tapioca pearl bubble tea made with all natural ingredients and fresh milk. Level of ice and sweetness is determined by the customer, allowing for all drinks to be completely customized. Our drink order is always brown sugar with fresh milk and tapioca with 50% ice. Other options include Hokkaido milk tea, rose black milk tea, Thai milk tea, honeydew milk tea and many other drink choices. Our favorite part about this shop is the amount of topping options available. Egg pudding, lychee jelly, coconut jelly, passion fruit jelly, aloe vera, taro crystals and mango jelly are just a few of the total options available. 

Another recommendation of ours is Go Boba located on Hosmer Street in Tacoma. This spot has all sorts of flavors such as banana bubble tea, apple bubble tea (blended only) coconut bubble tea, pineapple bubble tea and multiple other flavors. Go Boba is also perfect if you're craving bubble tea, but also looking to order some food at the same time. Fries, pot stickers, crab Rangoon, chicken wings and other snack options are available here. 

Sharetea has been serving up delicious bubble tea since 1992 and is now serving up the same quality tea at the Tacoma Mall. With over 50 regular boba tea menu items as well as seasonal options, there is definitely something for everyone here. Ginger milk tea, taro pearl milk tea, boba fresh milk, mango green milk tea and wintermelon tea are just some of the flavor options. Toppings include pudding, mini pearls, lychee jelly, herb jelly and more. 

Last up on our list is Boba Lust Tea House with locations in the Tacoma Mall as well as on Dock Street in Tacoma. Whichever location you choose, you will be blown away by the tea. Some of their signature teas include peach mango shaken tea with peach bits and mango jelly, honey raspberry shaken green tea with rainbow jelly and many other options. They also rotate new drinks on their monthly secret menu and assure customers if you fall in love with one of them, they will make it for you anytime. Their boba is made using a secret honey syrup that is worth the trip alone.

Now that you know the best bubble tea spots near JBLM, it's time to head out and start giving them a try. 

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