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Direction Diva a powerful resource for military personnel, parents, small business owners

Judy Davis, the Direction Diva, provides encouragement and resources for entrepreneurs, servicemembers and their families, and teens and twenty-somethings and their parents. Photo credit: The Direction Diva

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Judy Davis is a modern-day Renaissance woman. Married to her husband, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Sgt. 1st Class Geoff Davis, for more than a quarter of a century, this mother of two and grandmother of two is a nationally recognized speaker, author, blogger, columnist, brand ambassador, consultant and host of her own parenting podcast.

Davis has been known as the Direction Diva since the day an audience member stood and loudly proclaimed her as her "Direction Diva." She's become an expert on parenting, suicide prevention in teens and young adults, military life and entrepreneurship.  

"My businesses serve both the military and civilian communities," Davis said, "and focus on providing information, tips and support that inspires families to live a stress-free, successful, emotionally-healthy lifestyle." 

For nearly 20 years, Davis has been a resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs, frequently speaking on such topics as Becoming a Small Business Rock Star: Real Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success, Networking Ninja: Secrets to Networking Your Way to the Top, and Balance Beyond the Books: How to Balance Family, Stress and Entrepreneurship. 

Over the years, however, Davis' emphasis has broadened and shifted. 

The first shift came in 2008 when her husband Geoff decided to leave the corporate world and re-enlist in the Army. Davis pivoted and began speaking to military and first responder audiences about topics such as Right Side Up: Find Your Way Through Military Life and Kevlar Kouples: Bullet Proofing for a Happy Military Marriage.

Then, a few years ago, a personal crisis prompted her to pivot yet again. Davis' 20-year-old son, Geoffrey, lost himself in a drug and alcohol addiction that led to an attempted, but thankfully unsuccessful, suicide. As is often the case, tragedy led to a new beginning. Now more than five years clean and sober, Geoffrey and his mom have founded DASIUM, a company that provides "upstream solutions for the prevention of depression, addiction, and suicide in teens and young adults," Davis said.

DASIUM does this by delivering "insight and workable solutions from both the parent and child perspective, (and) sharing the unspoken truth about families in crisis in a real, raw and relevant way," she continued.

The organization achieves these goals by helping at-risk teens and twenty-somethings find hope and by providing resources to parents, high schools, colleges, and military and community organizations concerned with the emotional health and well-being of teens and young adults. For more information, go to

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