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JBLM principal wins district award

Greenwood Elementary educator described as approachable, positive, driven

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Greg Wilson, principal of Greenwood Elementary on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, was recently recognized as the 2012 Clover Park School District Administrator of the Year.

"The kids doing well is the ultimate payoff for what I do," explained Wilson.

The award is given to employees who promote excellence in the district through their performance, example and contribution to the district every day. Selections are done by a panel of community residents and are based on a nomination and three letters of recommendation from students, staff or parents.

"I feel like I got nominated because in the past two years (since he moved to Greenwood as principal), I really focused on building relationships with the staff and encouraged them to build relationships with each other," Wilson said. "I wanted us to all have a shared sense of purpose and be goal driven."

The educator has spent the entirety of his 18-year career working within the Clover Park district, from Lochburn Middle School, where he did his student teaching and then spent 10 years, to Woodbrook Middle School, where he was the assistant principal for four years. Wilson was also a previous winner, when he took home the West Pierce County Regional distinguished assistant principal award for the 2007-2008 school year.

Funny enough, education was not his first career path. His parents, a teacher and a college professor, urged Wilson to at least get his teaching certificate while in college so he could have it to fall back on. He acquiesced reluctantly. However, once he started taking education classes, he fell in love with the profession.

"Every year of teaching got better for me, and I started to be in disbelief that I got paid for what I did by about year seven," he said with a laugh. So when his mentors began suggesting he look into administration, he figured he would try it. Again, he was hesitant at first, but once he was immersed in the program, it began to grow on him.

"I was excited. That is the best word to describe my feelings on it. I was excited to make instructional decisions, coach the adults (teachers) and really help the whole process make kids love school. I enjoy my job," he said. "Plus there are people here doing so much and I can't believe the work they do. More should have been nominated from this building in particular," he added. "I'll be nominating a lot next year."

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