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2014 Washington National Guard Combatives Tournament results

1-205th Modular Training Battalion hosts event at Camp Murray

Sgt. Coby Parmenter, Det. 1, B Co., 351st ASB, won the Light-Heavyweight title at Wash. National Guard's Combatives Tournament Feb. 8, Camp Murray. Photo credit: Spc. Matthew Sissel, 122d PAO Center

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Camp Murray played host to the Washington National Guard Combatives Tournament last weekend

"It was pretty impressive. I was thoroughly surprised by some of the participants and their performance levels," said first-time combatives tournament staff member Staff Sgt. Adam Zangenberg. "I think the tournament is important for soldiers because it improves resilience and confidence, helps establish a better self-esteem and builds competence in the soldier's abilities."

The tournament was hosted by the Washington National Guard's 1-205th Modular Training Battalion, with Camp Murray Modern Army Combatives instructor Sgt. 1st Class Michael L. Rowe directing the event.

"The tournament serves as a vital part of the overall program to allow soldiers to challenge themselves and prove their skills against other individuals," Rowe explained. "The competitive side of combatives allows us to further expand the program and reach more people, and being held at Camp Murray allows the state command personnel to see the necessity of the program as well."

Rowe has run Level 1 and 2 training three to four times a year for the past four years at Murray and hopes to further the program, instill the warrior ethos and improve overall morale.

>>> Spc. Nick Davila, of Tacoma, fights to get out of a hold during the Washington National Guard's Combatives Tournament, Feb. 8, at Camp Murray. He is assigned to the 204th Engineer Company in Centralia.  Photo credit: Spc. Matthew Sissel, 122d Public Affairs Operations Center

There were 29 different competitors from the Army and Air Guard weighing in at eight different weight classes. The turnout was lower than expected due to the weather conditions.

Intermediate and advanced tournaments allow striking; however, no physical strikes were allowed in the tournament. Only dominant body positions and submissions are allowed in beginning tournaments.

>>> Pvt. Joe Carman, of Kent, puts a choke hold on a soldier during the Washington National Guard's Combatives Tournament Feb. 8, at Camp Murray. Carman went undefeated in the tournament and won first place in the heavyweight class. He is assigned to HHT, 1-103rd Cav. Photo credit: Spc. Matthew Sissel, 122d Public Affairs Operations Center

The tournament rounds consist of one six-minute round with the elimination bracket following a double-elimination format.

"Serving as the State Combatives NCOIC for the last three years has been a rewarding experience," Rowe added. "It has been a lot of fun taking students from varying backgrounds and giving them all a common and practical skill set that will hopefully one day protect them, should they need to employ the skills taught by the Combatives program."

The Camp Murray tournament resulted in a selection of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place champion for each weight class. These champions will go on to represent Washington state in the Regional and All-Army National Guard Tournament.

"The event as a whole helped build unit morale and overall cohesion across the National Guard," Zangenberg said. "It was empowering to see all the service members from the different units cheering on their fellow guardsmembers throughout the tournament."

2014 Combatives Tournament Results

>>> 155lb. Lightweight
1st: SGT Wisdom (LVL II Certified, purple belt in BJJ; only competitor at 140lb weight and fought up in weight so that he could compete)
2nd: CPT Hongo  (Went to the All Army National Guard Tournament in 2012)
3rd: SPC Davila

>>> 170lb. Middleweight
1st: SGT Boddy (LVL III Certified)
2nd: SPC Green (Has trained in Yakima at the 205th)
3rd: SPC White (LVL II Certified)

>>> 185lb. Cruiserweight
1st: 2LT Davis (Air Guard member; black belt in BJJ)
2nd: SGT Robinson (LVL II Certified)
3rd: CPT Barrow (previous Special Forces member, currently with SODPAC)

>>> 205lb. Light-Heavyweight
1st: SGT Parmenter (Black belt in BJJ; brown belt in Judo; went to All-Army NG in 2012)
2nd: SFC Shook
3rd: SGT Pavia

>>> Heavyweight
1st: SPC Carmen (LVL II Certified)
2nd: PV2 Stringer
3rd: PFC Rumbawa (LVL II Certified)

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