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Planning for respect and dignity

Mountain View offers advanced planning seminars

Mountain View’s seminars provide valuable information to veterans and their families. Photo credit: Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory

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Foresight is the act or power of foreseeing, and it is characterized by prudence and planning.

This ability is never clearer -- and more needed -- than for end-of-life planning.

Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory presents seminars which provide valuable information to veterans and their families to allow them to plan ahead.

"Everyone needs to be prepared; they need to be aware of all the details," said David Sweet, family and community service manager at Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory. "The Veterans Administration does not cover everything, and we work very hard to insure veterans understand what is covered and that their families receive the best care possible," Sweet added.

The advance planning seminars that Mountain View hosts address four major concerns and the details of each.

Peace of mind: Planning ahead for end of life can prevent emotional and financial stress on one's family.

"In the midst of a beloved veteran's passing, families might think they have everything under control -- until they fully understand the reality of what is not covered," explained Sweet.

Protection from unexpected expenses: Making choices before an emotionally charged event protects surviving family members from emotional overspending, which can add significant cost to a funeral.

By formalizing choices for their funerals in the form of a contract with the service provider, veterans can lock in prices at today's rates.

A personal plan: Talking with family members in advance and putting together a thoughtful plan for a veteran's funeral is recommended. 

The ceremony should reflect the tastes and personality of the loved one who has passed. Doing this allows surviving family members to focus on the spiritual and emotional comfort they need to celebrate the life of the passed veteran.

A gesture of love: When planning a funeral, over 90 decisions must be made. When these decisions are left until after the veteran has passed, families are often left trying to guess what their loved one would have wanted.

Planning ahead lifts this burden from surviving family members; it is an act of love that provides peace of mind to the veteran and their family.

"We work very hard to empower families with knowledge through our seminars," explained Sweet. "In our profession, we see bereaved families every day and we know it is better to be prepared than not when the time comes."

He also pointed out that the seminars have been held in different areas of Puget Sound to ensure that veterans know that Mountain View can help them with their planning.

"We are honored to serve the men and women that have served us," concluded Sweet, "and this is one way in which we can honor them and all they've done for us."

For more information about the pre-planning seminars for veterans, visit or call 253.330.5449.

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