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Eight ways to shop better at the PX

Tips and tricks

Beauty skin products, designer make-up, etc., all comes at fractions off when buying at the PX. Photo credit: jjheartblog

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When heading to the PX, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that you won't be paying sales tax (!), another is that you can't always find everything you need. Many items are seasonal or sell out quickly. This means, of course, that you need to go in open-minded, and if there's something important, you'd better be shopping early. All of these tips, and many more, are learned through years of shopping (browsing and actually buying) at the PX.

But you can jump that line and get to the good stuff early with these tips and tricks. We've compiled info from longtime spouses, bargain shoppers and more.

Shop better at the PX by:

1. Checking Their Sales
Locations are often small, meaning stores have to make way for new and seasonal items. Good news for you, the shopper, in that you can get some great prices in the process. Stay on the lookout for blowout items and shop frequently to get the best deals.

2. Using Coupons
Available at the doors, PX locations offer discounts for the shoppers. You can get percentages off on big-ticket items, as well as everyday things like shampoos or dog treats. Remember to keep your eyes open for whatever coupons might be available.

3. Go Online
Did you know you can gain free shipping when ordering online? When you're looking for something big, this can mean headaches saved from fighting traffic, or from having to load and haul your new gear.

4. Shop Around
Believe it or not, the PX is not always the cheapest guy on the block. Be sure to check out competitors who (even with tax) can provide a better deal. Big chains like Wal-Mart, Target and other department stores will be your best bets.

5. Get your Expensive Beauty Items
Perfumes, hand soaps, designer make-up, etc., all comes at fractions off when buying from the PX. Not only are these favorites marked down from fancier retailers, you're not paying tax, either. Plus, it's all your expensive gear at one stop. No need to head to every store in the mall, it's all at the PX.

6. AAFES Online Coupons
In addition to print ads, you can use digital deals posted by AAFES. Check their Facebook page for a running list of how you can save. General coupons found online are also accepted at the PX, so get your digital clipping on and rack up the savings.

7. Bring Your Bag
Much like the grocery store, the PX offers a discount for shoppers who bring in their own bags. You'll get a nickel for each plastic bag you don't take out of the store with you. Although it might not sound like much, it's an environmentally friendly move that adds up over time.

8. Join the Buddy List
Sign up for AAFES' online notification system where you can be the first to know about sales, discounts and more. 

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