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Secrets of savvy shoppers

There’s no reason to panic when it comes to the holiday shopping season. Instead of dreading all the gift buying, embrace the spirit of Santa; put on your elf shoes, and jingle those bells. Here are some tips from some of the most successful shoppers I know: ”My biggest shopping secret


Party like a rock star

When the holidays roll around, most of us don't have time to stand in our closets for hours deciding what to wear to the boss's house for dinner or to brunch at Aunt Jane's. But if we do a little homework before the invitations arrive, then we'll be ready to


Sharon’s super-simple tips on holiday decorating

Stack colorful ornaments in glass vases or cut-crystal bowls for easy flowerless centerpieces. Collect clear glass decanters in all different sizes, and fill them with holiday candies, nuts and fruits. Dress up your sofa pillows as “presents” with decorative velvet scarves tied around them. Perk up your “fake” door wreaths by adding fresh

Holiday decorating on a shoestring


Holiday decorating on a shoestring

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable. “My greatest Christmas memories are of things that were homemade for pennies — both gifts and decorations,” says Bruce Littlefield, lifestyle expert and author of Merry Christmas, America!And just because you may be a little low on cash this holiday season,

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