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HIGHLIGHT FROM OUR SUMMER GUIDE >>> If you aren't scared of the dark, or the possibility of running into Sasquatch (as this is his rumored stomping grounds, and this is not a beef jerky commercial nor is John Lithgow your dad), grab your hiking gear and flashlights and visit the Ape

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Grit City Comedy Club soft opening this weekend

FLETT-RIGGS'S NEW (OLD) DIGS >>>   Tacoma has the divine privilege of welcoming another new comedy club to town.   But there's slightly more to the story ...   Comedian and filmmaker Aaron Flett-Riggs, sans former business partner Adam Norwest, will be bringing comedy back to the former Tacoma Comedy Club locale in Malarkey's on Tacoma

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Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

LOW TECH CAN BE FUN >>>   This weekend calls for the celebration of one of my favorite holidays! No, not Easter - although any excuse to eat chocolate bunnies is a helluva good holiday if you ask me.   Sunday is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.   Yes, there is indeed such a thing.   In this day

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One last weekend to catch “Java Tacoma: Episode 37”

IT'S LIKE A GRIT CITY STYLE, CAFFEINATED SOAP OPERA >>> Randy and Aya Hashiguch, a husband and wife team, would like to introduce you to Dukesbay Productions, an independent production company created to encourage the showcasing of local talent. Placing center stage: the diversity of our local talented folks, including age,

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