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3 DRINK MINIMUM: Bonney Lake Tavern

Drinking in the boonies

BONNEY LAKE TAVERN SERVER MELISSA: She knows the law and is such a badass they named a drink after her. Photography by Steph DeRosa

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Thanks to Michael, creator of last week's "spread your wings" email (which instructed us to head out east), Bandito Betty and I were stuck in Bonney Lake for the day.  Last week we ventured up the big hill, otherwise known as State Route 410, and set our sights on some good ol' eastside drinkin'.

After we made a stop at Babalouie's in Bonney Lake, we headed toward another reputable dive just off Hwy 410 called the Bonney Lake Tavern.  What we loved most about the Bonney Lake Tavern was not the beautiful servers, expansive seating, or homey feel of its patrons - instead we loved the nickname: BLT.

Mmmm. I immediately craved bacon.

Drink one: Melissa's Signature Cocktail (bartender's choice) - Our server, Melissa, had a signature cocktail creation that is now my new favorite at bars: Stoli raspberry, 7-UP and cranberry juice.  Mmm, mmm, good. It was almost as good as some bacon would've been at that moment. 

As yummy as Melissa's drink might've been, I tried to expedite our visit by ordering all three of my drinks at once - and she was having none of it.  Apparently, three drinks in front of one person is illegal.  Whatever. 

Hey, Melissa: My favorite servers are the ones who know no boundaries - unlike you and your so-called "laws." What's a little jail time, anyway?

Drink Two: Washington Apple (most popular drink within the last hour) - This is week THREE of the Washington Apple being the "most popular drink" of 3 Drink Minimum. What gives?  Washington Apples were "most popular" in my book during a 2002 Gorge trip in which I was made to give up beer for a weekend and only drink girly fruit drinks.  It's 2010 and the kids are just now becoming keen to the wondrous effects of Crown Royal, Apple Pucker and cranberry juice?

Drink Three: Alaskan White (my choice) - Alaskan White was not a favorite of Bandito's or mine. The beer lacked flavor and resembled something my dad would've made in his garage out of old tennis shoes and rubbing alcohol. I'm tempted to check Alaskan White's family tree, because I'm almost certain it's a close cousin of the Coors family.  The only thing that could've made this beer taste better was if it came with a side of the MF'ing bacon I was still craving. 

Somebody really needs to go make me a BLT, dammit.

Bonney Lake Tavern

18212 State Route 410 E.
Bonney Lake

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