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Beautiful boys

Men really do care how they look, too.

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Fess Up! Come on guys, this has nothing to do with sexual orientation, you love to look and feel good just as much as we women do.

Perhaps the days when men just hopped in and out of the shower, shaved and put on whatever clothes were lying around and ran out the door are over. Men are definitely paying a lot more attention to their appearance and big businesses are catching on.

Guys, no longer do you have to sneak around pilfering through your girlfriend’s beauty products. More and more businesses are creating products just for you!

I thought I’d give you guys a couple of recommendations for products you should try. Steer clear of the hot pink eye shadows and super-feminine fragrances — those are still designed for female fans — and try a few of these fab picks for beauty.

American Crew Fiber ($15.99, Target) is my boyfriend’s current hair palmade. Before that it was Cirta Shine, but they changed the formula and he didn’t like the new and “improved” balm anymore. He uses Dove face moisturizer every day and carries certain grooming products in a small black pouch inside his messenger bag that he takes to work. He showers with these woodsy smelling soaps and shower gels in very hip, sleek packaging that I’m guilty of using as well.

He’s the perfect median age for companies wishing to sell men on what used to be marketed to women and which have recently redirecting their focus to target men ranging from 18-35 years of age. Male grooming products are becoming big business. Sales on beauty products from 2001 to 2007 targeted to men rose by an astounding 42 percent! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery from 2000-2005 the number of men looking for a little nip/tuck rose an astounding 44 percent! Given, men still make up only 12 percent of overall cosmetic surgery patients, yet it’s obvious that this is the foundation of a growing trend.

Therefore it is no wonder that companies that advertised strictly to women are now picking up on that trend and adjusting their products and packaging. Everything from hair dye, designer bags, cool gadgets and accessories, skin care even to makeup is now aimed specifically at men or both sexes.

From the time you take in personal appearance, grooming, clothing, accessories and designer bags, we know it’s the details that count. Never before has it been easier for guys to shop, and companies are rushing to meet their expanding market.

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