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Designer handbags and other accessories from Seattle

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You’ve seen the shoulder bags made out of duct tape. How about those that have seat belts salvaged from old cars and junkyards that are used as tote bag straps complete with chunky metal push button clasps? The tote bags are Mishmash, a design line created by Allison Kline in Seattle.

Handmade and stitched to last, all of Kline’s designs are creations for spicing up daily life. Kline utilizes waterproof vinyl in fantastically shocking colors of brilliant teals, impossible blood red and sunburst orange —the sky’s the limit. For contrast, Kline uses funky patterned lengths of vinyl for straps and accents. Heavy duty rivets, metal snaps and grommets add additional zing to bags large and small.

Mishmash keeps its line of products fresh by offering eye-catching, everyday things — iPod cases, camera cases, chain wallets, handbags, and more. Other whimsical pieces, such as jacket buttons and light switch plates, are artfully transformed from merely functional, everyday items into mini-masterpieces. Mishmash incorporates tender lace-like paper, striking images on cut-outs, and found objects with delicate paper and thicker cardstock to craft greeting cards along with beautiful handmade books to capture your deepest, loveliest thoughts for weddings, sketches and favorite recipes. Mishmash also offers custom designed invitations for all kinds of parties. Kline offers easy purchase options online and can be contacted for private product showings at , She also offers an easy seven day return policy for items that arrived damaged or specials orders that were incorrect.

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