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Mexican Justice League

I’ve gone mexican â€" whoah â€" pro

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What I’m about to say in today’s column could get me fired.

No, you stupid heads, not from this job.

It’s also not from my routine day job.

I’m about to disclose some information about a league that I’m in, and disclosure of that information could get me kicked out, or it’ll be celebrated.


I’m a member of the Mexican Justice League.

I was asked to be in the Mexican Justice League by none other than Bluecifer. But when he told me I was in it, I was dumbfounded because he’s not Mexican.

His rationale is that he was raised around the culture and if he started it, he obviously gets to be in the Mexican Justice League.


But then, I had to bring another argument: I’M NOT Mexican. But Blue said my black hair and eyes qualify as close enough.

So, what does the Mexican Justice League do? I’ve been in it for several years now and I still haven’t really figured it out, except for the fact that it’s really cool to say that I’m in it.

What I can gather so far is that the Mexican Justice League is all about the secret nod, I think that’s all it is, but I recently learned that we’re getting T-shirts. Nice!

I’m in this league with some really esteemed peeps who actually are Mexican after all.

One of my favorites is Paco a.k.a. The Mexican (that’s his name, I swear).

He’s in loooove with the beautiful Melissa. He and I have so much fun geeking out wherever we are, and it’s always special because we’re both in the Mexican Justice League.

I also adore El Presidente (that’s his name, I swear). He’s the sweetest little pea in Tacoma and my eyes light up whenever I see him.

Yah, and then there’s Bluecifer. Ariba la raza!

I know that there’s one other girl in the Mexican Justice League, but I haven’t had the great fortune of meeting this amiga mejor.

Much to your dismay, the Mexican Justice League isn’t accepting applications that I’m aware of, so you might ask why I’m even writing about it in the first place.

Well, I just thought it would be funny because it really is the Scene of the Crime. I also wanted to see how many times I could write Mexican Justice League in one column and get away with it.


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