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Jenny Richardson

We snapped her at the Swiss Saturday

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I resigned myself long ago to the fact that I will never be a model. With a 5’4” frame and no desire to starve my curves away, it’s just not something that’s in my future. But I still love fashion and enjoy an occasional weekend night at the Swiss to discover what the hot girls are wearing.

Jenny Richardson stood out in a sea of people at the Ocean Grooves “Damaged Needle” DJ party at the Swiss Saturday night. Yes, plenty of Whatcha Wearing? fodder as skinny girls in skimpy outfits twirled around. But Richardson with her hat and tats carried the most style.

“I’m married to Mr. Clean!” she yelled as we walked off the dance floor.

“I love his Magic Eraser!” I yelled. “It takes bronzer and lipstick off of walls and other surfaces without much effort at all.”

I discovered Mr. Clean was Doug, her husband, who was working the turntables at the moment. I quickly moved to fashion before my dirty laundry surfaced.

Richardson’s hat, which tied her outfit together, was a Canvas Band Fedora ($9.50) from Wet Seal at the Tacoma Mall.

Moving past her shirt and chunky black boots mysteries, I discovered her dark wide-leg trouser jeans are Plastic by GLY ($65 online).

Her necklace came from Thailand. Her hair was her own creation. And the makeup is compliments of Brook Jackman from Mary Kay. Flaming Dragoon Tattoo on 38th Street created her artwork.

Rion at Deep Roots in Seattle was responsible for her anchor piercing. If you’d like an anchor or another shiny object added to your life, give Richardson a ring at Tattoo Machine in Puyallup. She’s their piercing machine.

[Tattoo Machine, 13507 Meridian E., Puyallup, 253.770.7550]

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