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Family: That's Italian

Bring the clan to Pomodoro Italian Restaurant and Bar

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 / by Natasha

As I was sitting in a divine Tacoma restaurant recently, I realized that I’ve been a complete jerk and haven’t addressed a core entity within the Weekly Volcano’s target demographic.

I always jibber-jab about what it’s like to be single in the South Sound, and I never consider all of you out there who have wonderful, warm families.

There are so many places around that are family friendly. Off the top of my head, joints like the Old Spaghetti Factory, The Harmon, The Cloverleaf, The Ram and the Rosewood Café come to mind. If you want the complete rundown, you should visit

Sure, offering crayons and high chairs is a part of being family friendly, but the way I look at it, truly family friendly spots offer much more.

When I was a little dumpling, my mother treated all of my early dining experiences as learning opportunities. She was a fierce advocate of table manners and etiquette, and she would say things like, “If they’re going to be kind enough to let us in their house, serve us, and clean up after us, you must return the favor with kindness and generosity.”

I think one of the best places to offer this kind of education to those little bumble bees is Pomodoro Italian Restaurant and Bar in Proctor.

First of all, the youngest members of our society should understand at an early age what it is to buy local, and Pomodoro is indeed locally owned, by a family, nonetheless, who knows what you’re going through. Those bright-eyed babes also need to know why it’s important to support small businesses within their community.

Best of all, I personally believe that every youngster should have an excellent knowledge of heart-warming Italian food, how to portion heaping servings and take some home, and the true meaning of one of the most important words ever: Tiramisu.

You can get all of that at Pomodoro in their comfortable and caring setting.

Grownups can sip on anything from the excellent wine selection while the little beans are digging on their Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers.

In the fair weather months, you and yours can also enjoy the bistro tables that are set on the sidewalk and the fact that they open their beautiful, large windows.

The staff at Pomodoro is excellent at catering to the little people, and they’ll also make you feel like you’ve been going there for years, even if it’s your first time.

So now that you know that Pomodoro is the Scene of the Crime for families and singles, too, go there!

And while you’re dining, remember to keep those elbows off the table, please.

[Pomodoro Italian Restaurant and Bar, 3819 N. 26th St., Tacoma, 253.752.1111]

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