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Dynamite Jacks' The I Hate Jill

Harbor Rock goes to the mines

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After a year-and-a-half of commanding a corner of downtown DuPont as the Harbor Rock Bar & Grill, the owners decided to scrap the semi-successful venture, remodel it with mining items bought off eBay, and reopened two weeks ago as Dynamite Jacks.

I dashed in from the rain last Friday night and grabbed one of Dynamite Jacks’ half-moon booths in its lounge.

This neighborhood restaurant isn’t exactly the rough and tumble spot its name suggests. A mining whistle, dynamite ignition box and a spinning wheel that awards discounts make the joint interesting. Yet, the Jackson Pollock gone sane paint-splatter walls and family atmosphere lower the gritty factor. But the vaguely hip wait staff, loud classic rock music, and generally laid-back atmosphere keep it from prissdom.

Listed under Diane’s Favorites drinks is The I Hate Jill drink claiming “This one will make your hair turn red with Jager, Peach Schnapps & Cranberry” for $6. My hair resisted a color change, but I’m not sure the potent fruity potion did do a hot number on my stomach lining.

Next time I’ll set the stomach straight with The I Hate Diane drink: “This will make Jill blue in the face with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Curacao with sour & 7” for $9.

Actually, I’d like to see Jill and Diane in a drink-off with their respected drinks then mud wrestle. Now that’s gritty.

[Dynamite Jacks, 1595 Wilmington Dr., DuPont, 253.964.7625]

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