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Capricorns, Croatians and the Cloverleaf

Carmen is happy to be healthy

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Whoooo-wee! After all of that party time during the holidays, everyone’s favorite floozy Carmen got wicked sick, and it knocked me out for the count two weeks ago.

I was quarantined in my home (it’s a good thing I love my house) from Friday until Wednesday, and I gotta tell ya, when I finally made my entrance back into the great, big world, I was so relieved and I felt free.

When you’re that sick, it’s the little things in life that help you through it, like L.A. Ink marathons (Kat Von D is now my new favorite reality personality), soft Kleenex, the most comfortable bed in the world, Vitamin Water, MySpace, awesome DVDs like “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Rushmore” and previous editions of People magazine that you didn’t seem to get through upon arrival.

I was a little gun shy after the sickness, so during the week I laid very low to ensure the utmost recovery.

As soon as the homeostasis arrived, it was back to business as usual.

I was cross-eyed busy the second I got back in the office, which made going out on Friday a must.

When you’ve been stuck in pajamas for most of the week, it’s a sheer delight to get duded in a sexy plum shirt with matching plum lipstick and open-toed stilettos (even though it’s in the middle of winter).

I really wanted to show off my perfect French tipped toes, courtesy of V Nails, a joint that opened a couple of months ago near 38th and Pacific Avenue. Normally I’d go see Rotha at Angel Nails on 36th and McKinley, but I’m very, very, very sad to report that she suddenly moved out, everything is gone from her space, and I don’t know why. Rotha, holler atcha girl!

After pondering the sudden disappearance with roommate Ian and Kitty Diggins, I took my fancy little fanny to the Top of Tacoma where I rocked it with Philmosa, Senor Gato, Sarah, Scott, Randy, John, Sara and Karnen. It felt sooo good to be surrounded by friends after being stuck in my house for so long.

Saturday I watched the catastrophic disappointment that was the Seahawks game. I took in the first two quarters at the Red Hot where I got to hang out with good folks like Tam Tam, David, Laura and Paul. At halftime, I zipped over to the Cloverleaf where I couldn’t resist getting a personal pepperoni pizza, and I took in the Seahawks misery that ensued with Ian, Ryan, Rose, her adorable son, Cob, Jacey, Mike and Gunnarson. We all left before the end of the game because it was just too disappointing to continue watching.

But all of that green and blue sadness aside, I had more important things on my mind because that night was the Capricorn party at Magoo’s for Tam Tam and Little Liz’s birthday. They said that since I’m a fellow Cap, it was my birthday party, too. How nice.

Syd Vicious was kind enough to pick me and Natasha up, and we dropped into the Parkway for some Sierra Nevada Celebration and Deschutes Obsidian Stout for Syd.

Then we went into Magoo’s with wide smiles that lasted the whole night because we were surrounded by lovers like Alexo, Maranatha, Tam Tam, Little Liz, Alexis, Blue, Joel, El Presidente, New Friend Scott, Joey, Mandy, Metro Jason, Jamie, Tiff and, of course, Slayer.

Jamie is looking so flippin’ skinny these days. He said that he’s been running. I don’t get to see him or the lovely Tiff that often so it’s always a real treat. Jamie is Croatian, and Natasha decided that she wanted to be Croatian, too. She thinks that all it would take is growing out her eyebrows. So funny.

Natasha was scoring big in this fancy flowing shirt that she was sporting. It seems like everyone commented on it, and she said that she wished she could wear it every day. She should!

I, personally, was also doing quite well that night because I felt so lucky to have accrued such great friends over such a short amount of time in this city.

And just in case you didn’t know, Capricorns rule!!

Happy birthday Tam Tam and Little Liz!

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