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Juniper Drive

Tacoma jewelry at its best

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Born and bred in Tacoma, Lindsay Hartwell of Juniper Drive has been creating jewelry and other designs on and off for 14 years.

“I don’t know if I have one style,” explains Hartwell. “It’s eclectic or artsy — definitely folk art. Each piece is a unique style in and of itself.”

Creating handmade rosaries, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, purses, and revamped clothing keeps Juniper Drive a vibrant endeavor.

“Bead Factory is a great place to find new stuff, but my mom owns an antique store, King’s Row (Puyallup), and gives me antique costume jewelry,” confides Hartwell. “I also like to hit up estate sales and thrift stores. Revamping from scraps is my specialty.”

Juniper Drive pieces are created from antique stones, crystal and glass mixed with silver filled findings as well as aquamarine stones, rubies and garnets.

“I love garnets because they are beautiful, inexpensive and readily available,” says Hartwell. “Coral is also fun to work with.”

Rings are made without any planning, usually starting with an idea and ending up with something totally different but beautiful. Hartwell waits for stones, metals and beads to “speak” to her.

“Sometimes I can see the project right away, but a lot of the times an item will sit for weeks without being touched. I have to be inspired; otherwise, it feels mechanical, and the piece has no emotion.”

Private purchases and custom work can be arranged by contacting Hartwell at and

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