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Fashion 2008

Here's a few ground rules I set for myself

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This last year in fashion has seen some interesting things, both on the runway and in our own neck of the woods. In my opinion, as far as fashion goes, local designers Lisa Fruciante, Daniel Blue, Jooley Heaps, Marilyn LoSavio, and many, many others are “where it’s at.” Even if you can’t afford to buy one-of-a-kind designs, you can look to them for inspiration (and save your money).

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t follow trends; rarely am I “in style” and even less frequently do I care. I buy what I think is pretty and unique, what will look good on me, be comfortable and work with my lifestyle and the rest of my wardrobe.

Plus, I’m fickle. What I love and adore one day finds itself in the Goodwill pile the next. To further my sassy attitude, I’ve set down some ground rules for myself for next year. See if any of them fit you.

2008 fashion ground rules

Number One: Stop buying clothes that will fit if I lose just 10 more pounds.

Live in the here and now.

Number Two: Do not keep clothes that are too big. My closets appear to belong to four different women of four different sizes.

Number Three: No more impulse or hangover shopping sprees. Go work out instead.

Number Four: Stop feeling guilty over owning 30 pairs of black shoes and 40 purses. Just make sure I actually wear or use them  — or get rid of them.

Number Five: Buy some damn closet organizers that actually work for what I own. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, and I won’t ever wear or use it.

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