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Warren Miller, Urbanaut and more

Arts and cultural picks of the week

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Snow porn

If it’s November, it must be Warren Miller time. Again. Since before Ike was president, Miller has been making, more or less, annual films dedicated to the exhilaration of all things vertical and snowy. The fact that he’s still doing it — though the actual director’s reins have been handed to successors, including his son, Kurt — suggests that he’s doing something right for his target audience. It’s winter sports porn for me.  I soak in every money shot.  For the 58th time a Miller film tours the nation, and this time it’s on “Warren Miller’s Playground.”  Ski and snowboard athletes tackle the world, including Dubai and Japan. — Suzy Stump

[Washington Center, Nov. 8 8 p.m., Nov. 9 6:30 and 9:30 p.m., $17.50, 512 Washington St. S.E., Olympia, 360.753. 8586]

[Pantages Theater, Nov. 10 6 and 9 p.m., Nov. 11 5 p.m., $20, 901 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.591. 5894]


Monkey Video

The Weekly Volcano found notes on the ground at the last 100th Monkey Party art gathering.  We believe they are Director David Derickson’s notes from his upcoming video, “100th Monkey Video,” which will screen Friday, Nov. 9 at the Commencement Bay Coffee Company.  Not sure if they are his. Here are few excerpts from the notes anyway:

  • Lynn Di Nino and Claudia Riedener. These artists seem to garner tons of attention. Have them ride around on ATVs instead of walking. Walking is boring.

  • 100th Monkey needs “buddy.” See if Jackie Chan is available. If not, maybe Andy Dick?

  • If we switch the focus from the arts to go carts, get that NASCAR driver Derrike Cope from Spanaway. Keep ATVs.

  • The monkey tiles?  How to work them in? Girls in bikinis accidentally blow up tiles by hitting self-destruct button with their big, round butts. Or boobs. Maybe robots blow them up? Better, the robots should chase the 100th Monkey. Maybe change name 100th Robot Video.

  • Everything takes place in McKinley District?  It’s the new Sixth Avenue according to many.

Nah, the handwriting resembles that of Tacoma filmmaker Justin Peterson.  Since the screening at Commencement Bay Coffee will also include shorts by other Tacoma filmmakers, maybe Peterson shot his own 100th Monkey Party video. Either way, I can’t wait to see Derickson’s memories from the parties (they have grown to 500 people strong), the tile art retrospective from the shindigs and the other local flicks, which now I hope include robots. — SS

[Commencement Bay Coffee, Friday, Nov. 9, 7-9 p.m., free, 2354 S. Jefferson St., Tacoma, www.100th monkeytacoma. com]


“Dying to Be Thin”

A while back, Bobble Tiki vowed to lose weight. It didn’t work. He thinks it had something — if not everything — to do with food. Cheap, fast, greasy food to be more precise. And Bobble Tiki doesn’t exercise. A combination of those two things and beer resulted in a belly that wasn’t just a beer gut, but a super-sized keg.

Bobble Tiki is dieting, again. His goal at the start of last week was to eat every day at Bur’s Restaurant in Lakewood and to lose weight. In order for a diet to work it has to have a code name, like “The Scarsdale Diet” or “Sweatin’ with some Oldies.” Bobble Tiki calls this plan, “Operation B-Fly.”

Bobble Tiki needs a few parameters though. He’ll check out Roseneath Theatre’s production of “Dying to be Thin” Friday in the Theatre on the Square. The play is a profound look into the life of one young adult and examines how an eating disorder impacts her life and the lives of those surrounding her.

Bobble Tiki needs a little scared straight. — Bobble Tiki

[Theatre on the Square, Friday, Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m., $15-$24, 915 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.591.5894]




From pit boys and party sluts to cyber-hippies and candy kids, trying to keep up with the constant evolution and hybridization of underground party-goers is enough to make any graver’s glitter-soaked eyeliner run.

The brain trust behind ürbanaüt don’t give a rat’s ass who shows up at their underground party Saturday, Nov. 11. Those who can figure out the where and when of their art/fashion/music soiree, are more than welcomed.

“We really want to nix the whole party concept, pushing the envelope and trying to get everyone to as much of the culture as possible,” says one of the promoters. “It’s gonna be straight crazy.” The night will feature 100 fashion models, cutting-edge artists and live music. And you? — SS

[For super secret location and time, visit\\undergroundtacoma]


David W. Craig

I like to think I live on the edge of a pristine wilderness, though truthfully I don’t. While my apartment building sits near a wetland where coyotes have been known to run, I know full well that I’m very near the city. But once, when I was walking at night past the wetland, I swear there was smoke rising from a peaceful tipi, with a pinto pony grazing nearby and buffalo skins drying on the ground.

In a way, we’re all that close to that vanished wilderness here in Western Washington, a world where Native American artist David W. Craig grew up. For the past 10 years, David has worked toward capturing the essence and beauty of the Native American people — the stories, the beauty.

Saturday, Craig will unveil his new work at The Lakewood Gallery.  You and your spirit should check it out. — SS

[The Lakewood Gallery, Saturday, Nov. 10, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 11004 Gravelly Lake Dr. S.W., Lakewood, 253.584.1774]


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