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I heart the Volcano

My thoughts on the rag after its AMOCAT award

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Each of you wonderful readers knows that the Weekly Volcano is far from being above shameless self promotion, which is exactly what I’m going to throw down right here and now.

Last Friday I had the privilege of witnessing the Weekly Volcano receive a 2007 AMOCAT award (along with Victory Music and Beautiful Angle) from the Tacoma Arts Commission at the Museum of Glass, and if you weren’t there (why weren’t you there?), you’ll never know how great that was.

I’ve been unable to get that happy thought and momentous occasion out of my head, for starters because I have nothing but admiration for the Tacoma Arts Commission. They’re a group of 15 dedicated volunteers who are artists, arts advocates, and a general force. They support and approve funding that goes to some of the most beautiful art and art-related projects in our city.

And the fact that they were kind enough to bestow the 2007 arts patron award to the Weekly Volcano, well, let me put this simply: that made our solid dance moves shake.

But in thinking a little further about the award, I realized that there’s a local Scene of the Crime that I haven’t paid enough homage to.

Pappi Ron Swarner, our co-publisher and editor.

Sure, we scribes give him shout-outs, but I must take that a step further to say that to know Pappi is to love him.

Did you know that this here paper was his creation? It started as an insert in the Fort Lewis Ranger 314 weeks ago, but Ron had the vision that brought the Weekly Volcano into its own, right where it belonged.

Each week this paper is produced as a result of Ron’s original dedication, his heart and his head.

And none of his devotion to the arts is plastic. His sweet, smart brain is filled with all kinds of agape for each of the cultural treats that grace the pages of this paper.

Now, I’m in no way sucking up to get ahead. I’ll never write this column for fame or fortune, but I do genuinely appreciate the groceries that the paper helps me stock in my fridge.

I write this column because I have nothing but respect for Ron, the Weekly Volcano, and most of all, because this is a project that I truly believe in and am so proud to be a part of.

It’s also such a complete honor when cool people like Becky Hester, a Grand Cinema board member, tells you that she reads your column every week. Nice!

Obviously, you love the the Weekly Volcano, too, and words can’t express how much we appreciate you for doing so because this paper keeps growing, AND GROWING.

At this point what I can say is that we’ve got some pretty big changes in store for you readers because of all of the people who pick up our paper, and the advertisements that you’ve generously placed.

So with Ron Swarner, co-publisher Ken Swarner (Pappi’s awesome business partner and brother), all of the other leaders behind our paper, and now with our wonderful commendation from the Tacoma Arts Commission, this wonderful Weekly Volcano will only continue to erupt.

Please watch our lava flow.

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