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Finding treasure

What I spent my paycheck on this week

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Trash to Treasure

It has to be completely obvious by now that I have a pretty strident aversion to new mass manufactured products. I think they’re soulless. I much prefer things with history and buying as close to home as possible. I want my money to stay just as close circulating in my community, in small privately owned shops, the deli down the street, the record store that’s been there forever.

I especially enjoy yard sales and estate sales. The beauty in buying things other people are done with is that you get the history on the bullfighter painting right from the lips of the person who originally bought it. The cherry wood coffee table with the curved legs? You’ll get to hear all about how the seller remembers lying under grandma’s coffee table at Christmas convinced they were “hidden.” That’s what I mean about soul — a brand new table from a sterilized show room can’t give you that experience. It seems the ladies behind Trash to Treasure know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you’ve driven by and thought it was some strange sidewalk sale, but there’s no storefront at the corner of Sixth Avenue and South Anderson Street. Have you seen the antiques, the distressed old windows, cool mirrors with imperfect frames, the dressers with carved feet lined up? Marie Willman and Kris Kade are two enterprising women who spend all spring and summer scouring the area gathering up treasures to sell for just a brief five weeks on Saturdays Oct. 6, 20, 27 and Nov, 3 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Think of all the perfectly useful stuff you can save from the landfill.

[Trash to Treasure, 2714 Sixth Ave, Tacoma]

Funkoma Vintage

Another spot in town to grab up treasures is Funkoma Vintage in the shadow of the Tacoma Dome. With winter looming like a bad boyfriend fresh out on parole, better footwear is imminently in order. Boots are necessary in these climes, and Funkoma has a cheeky variety of colors and styles. Check out the green, red and corn-colored cowboy boots in the backroom. Don’t miss the selection of soft tan suede calf boots, ankle boots, and knee-high brown and black boots from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Also in the backroom, you’ll find a whole rack of crazy winter coats with at least one from each of the fashion fads of the last half-century. Need a fabulous faux fur for the lady or a flashy painting by local artists like Murphy Kainz? Owner Tressie Schindele has them for sale.

[Funkoma Vintage, 306 E. 26 St., Tacoma, 253.830.4891,]

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