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Goldfish Tavern’s Blue Moon

The last beer before Point Defiance Park

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When looking for a biker-type bar, you mainly need to decide what serves your needs. Do you desire a drinking establishment with burly Harley guys fresh off the road hanging with their big, sweaty mamas, all cranked up on Jack Daniel’s and PCP? Or do you desire a place with a laid-back atmosphere, friendly folks, carvings in the tables, biker photo albums, and affordable beers? If the latter pulls your trigger, then fire up your hog (or your SUV) and motor on over to the Goldfish Tavern.

Fortunately, my sloppiness did not detract from the friendly Goldfish Tavern experience last week. While the temperature in the room approached the core of the sun (fans did help keep it cool), quick bar service kept my core temperature cold. (Or is it booze that makes you cold? I can never remember; I skipped that part of med school.) Tater Tot and I hogged the pool table, kept jiggling the old cigarette machine with short term memory issues, and commanded the Internet jukebox with Sabbath. Our brave faces were the result of many Blue Moon beers. The bikers were totally cool, except the guy I dubbed “King of the Gitchie Gumee Brew Fest” — you know, the bearded chubby guy wearing suspenders and looking like the creepy old dude in the movie Coven. He scared us.

Oh one last thing. Remember, the Goldfish is the last beer before Point Defiance Park.

[Goldfish Tavern, 5310 N. Pearl St., Ruston, 253.759.7474]

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