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Kicking back at the Rosewood Cafe

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This week I’ll put you in my pocket and take you to a Proctor establishment with a name as sweet as it’s presence and ownership: Rosewood Cafe.

This is a laid back neighborhood café that’s full for lunch and dinner.

All of the faces in it are relaxed and smiling. Mine was, too, even though I was in the middle of a long, stressful day.

To the Rosewood’s credit, there are indicators all over the place that show that it’s run by an owner who cares: Barry Watson.

He seemed to know most of the people who sauntered in, and he gracefully exchanged pleasantries and caught up on the latest with each of the patrons as he skillfully served them. The servers working with him were just as good.

Another thing I admired is that this is the kind of place where every kid who walks through the door is a celebrity, right down to the little lady Miranda, who got a high five from Watson upon her entrance.

Watson even signs his name with a thank you on the check. That’s a simple, classy touch.

As for the establishment itself, the Rosewood has a neat open airway with seating along the sidewalk and several barstools inside below a quaint bar. Both of these areas are perfect for gazing and watching the people buzzing by on 26th Street.

The dining room is soothing with a mix of light hues of pine green and mustard, and accompanying burgundy seating.

The Rosewood’s yummy beers on tap right now include Mac and Jacks, Diamond Knot IPA, Nightwatch Dark and Hale’s Blond Ale. The Rosewood also carries a wide array of wines that’ll tickle just about anyone’s fancy.

One of the best and worst things about this, my first visit to the Rosewood, was that I had to squeeze it into my ever-ambitious schedule.

I had a little anxiety about whether I’d be able to fit in a full dining experience without feeling rushed before jet setting across town to another engagement.

Also, my visit occurred after a night of staying out way too late with my friends on an alleged Sunday. Accordingly, comfort food was a must.

Much to my surprise and delight, a perfect salad showed up lickity split. So did my entrée. The mac and cheese’s reputation at the Rosewood precedes itself, and that was the perfect decision because after four tasty bites of this delicious four-cheese blend, I was healed.

I really wish I could’ve stayed longer to enjoy the scenery at the Rosewood, but even women like me in high demand can find time to spend on things that matter.

Being a quintessential cozy café probably isn’t easy in an area that’s as adorable as Proctor, but I have one thing to say without a doubt:

The Rosewood does it so very well.

[Rosewood Café, 3323 N. 26th St., Tacoma, 253.752.7999]

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