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Cigar Rolling Party

Don Pepin Garcia rolls on

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Cigar rolling party

Screw those whiny anti-smoking ordinances. For some, nothing beats a fat stogie and a stiff drink after a tough week. Lucky for you, the Thurnderbird Aficionado Cigar Lounge in East Tacoma is moments away from anywhere, and it features more than a hundred varieties of fine cigars imported from various steamy Central American climes. Such special smokes are proffered by a thoroughly knowledgeable staff, hardcore leaf aficionados who can tell a Honduran from a Dominican in a single whiff.

Thunderbird periodically hosts master rollers to teach the craft in a party atmosphere.  Saturday, May 26, Don Pepin Garcia and his buddies will roll into the Thunderbird for such an event. — Brad Allen

[Aficionados Cigar Lounge at Thunderbird Trading Post, Saturday, May 26, 2-6 p.m., 7121 Waller Rd. E., Tacoma, 253.531.9595]

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