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Neon jewelry

'80s prom is back

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I remember watching those movies filmed in the ’70s and early ’80s starring women with big frizzy hair and neon colored jewelry. Boys and girls, the big ball bracelets with the matching necklaces and hair ties are back!

I had been shopping in Clair’s at the Fort Lewis Post Exchange for little diamond hair clips for prom when I was blinded by these bright pink, greens, and yellows at the register.  They were the tackiest looking jewelry I had ever seen.

Costume jewelry? OK. Everyday fashion?  Not sure.

Back at school, I witnessed 20 girls wearing these sets of ’80s jewelry. 

Well, the outrageous costume jewelry is growing on me. I now sport a pink neon necklace with my low-cut white T, blue jeans, and pink flip flops.

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