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Broadway Center announces next season

A sneak peak at 2007-08 in downtown Tacoma

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It turns out that my father lied when he told me that hard work would help me reach my career goal. I probably shouldn’t be too shocked by this news. He also lied that time I asked where babies come from.

So I admire Broadway Center Executive Director David Fischer’s hard work steering the Tacoma arts organization into greatness.  Judging by next season’s shows, hard work pays off: “100 Years of Broadway” featuring former Broadway stars; “Birdhouse Factory” starring former “Cirque du Soleil” stars performing acrobats, theater, and other “Cirque”-like stuff; Dark Star Orchestra; The popular “Striking 12” pop-rock musical comedy; “Peter Pan”; Pink Floyd Experience; spoken word events orchestrated by local poet Luke Smiraldo (Vanilla Soul), including poet Billy Collins; “Operation Homecoming”; Garrison Keillor; Bobby McFerrin; Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”; Orson Welles’ “Moby Dick”; “Rush Limbaugh in Night School”; “Not A Genuine Black Man”; “Defending The Caveman”; “The Wonder Bread Years”; Theater of Illusion — old school magic; comedians Josh Blue and Craig Ferguson; and much more.  Keep an eye on for more details.

When my editor complains that my work stinks like yesterday’s Gorgonzola, I can simply tell him it sucks because he doesn’t work hard enough editing it.  Ha!

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