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Sparkly red white and blue leotard

Hanging out at Jade Salon in Tacoma

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It was the Wonder Woman tattoo on her wrist that immediately drew me to liking Jennifer Elliott, new kid on the Jade’s Salon block.

Once upon a time, I was an over-achiever, and my friends took to calling me Wonder Woman.  I have since taken up a “life triage” approach that leaves me doing just the basics for survival, and I have grown out of my Wonder Woman strapless leotard.

But not Elliott.  Hers fits her quite nicely.

Elliott had been working up on That Hill (in Puyallup) but needed to move closer to home, since her invisible jet was on the fritz, to fulfill the other part of her Wonder Woman persona — the single parent part.

Based on recent experience, I can attest that that role is much tougher than fending off evil with a cuff bracelet and lasso; add Elliott’s formidable skill with a pair of scissors, and you have me mightily impressed, and withdrawing my claim to the double-W title.

[Jade’s Salon, 4402 N. 34th St., Tacoma, 253.761.5332]

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