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Attend a Warrior-Scholar Project boot camp and step into college with confidence

Just like boot camp prepared you for the military, WSP’s academic boot camps are designed to prepare you for college. Photo credit: VA News

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Are you planning for your military separation and thinking about a college degree? Maybe you've taken a few college classes over the years and aren't sure what your next move should be. Or, you may already be in college but finding it tougher to succeed than you thought. These are all scenarios that a veteran exploring college might find themselves in.

Returning to college after years spent away from the classroom can feel intimidating or isolating. That's where Warrior-Scholar Project's (WSPs) free academic boot camps can help.

"I've had a very interesting academic history," said U.S. Navy veteran Angel Sanchez. "In-person classes for two years, online classes in Japan and online classes here in California. I felt very intimidated stepping back into the classroom after six years of service."

In summer 2023, Sanchez attended a WSP humanities and STEM academic boot camp at Princeton University. "My biggest feeling was intimidation because I hadn't stepped inside a classroom in six years," he said. "There were a lot of conflicting emotions."

During the two-week academic boot camp, Sanchez learned skills and techniques for success in college. "On the last day of the course, I felt like I could walk into any classroom on campus, sit down and excel," he explained.

What is an academic boot camp?

Just like boot camp prepared you for the military, WSP's academic boot camps are designed to prepare you for college. It's an intense, one- or two-week college prep program designed for service members or veterans. Academic boot camps are offered both on-site at WSP's partner colleges and online in a virtual format.

For on-site boot camps, participants live in dorms, eat in campus dining halls and study in historic libraries to learn what college life would be like. You'll learn from campus faculty, tutors and successful student veteran peers. View a list of upcoming Warrior-Scholar Project boot camps here,

Who is eligible for an academic boot camp?

  • Enlisted veterans without a bachelor's degree
  • Enlisted active duty and reservist service members without a bachelor's degree
  • Enlisted veterans enrolled in bachelor's degree programs

What can I study?

Academic boot camps are offered in three disciplines: humanities, STEM, and business and entrepreneurship.

The humanities boot camp focuses on college-level reading, essay writing and participating in class discussions. In the STEM boot camp, you can practice math and science skills and learn to code in Python. The business and entrepreneurship boot camp gives you an overview of what to expect in a business degree program.

In boot camp sessions, participants will:

  • Break down the differences between military culture and college life
  • Discuss the challenges of life as a student veteran and the emotions that come with it
  • Explore and debate relevant topics in a classroom setting
  • Work on a weeklong project: a college essay (humanities), research project (STEM) or business group project (business and entrepreneurship)
  • Learn best practices for studying and time management

How do I attend an academic boot camp?

The first step is to fill out an interest form. Once you submit the interest form, you'll receive an email to schedule a call with a member of Warrior-Scholar Project's outreach team. On that call, the WSP team member will learn about you and your academic interests and help you determine next steps.

Learn more about at the Warrior-Scholar Project website.

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