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Champs for vets

Organization helps obtain VA disability rating

Champions For Veterans helps veterans understand how to obtain the disability rating they deserve. Photo credit: CFV

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Champions for Veterans is an organization that helps those who have served maneuver the Veterans Affairs' system by providing the tools necessary to effectively obtain the disability rating they have earned.

"We help veterans get the VA disability they deserve," said CEO Gino Johnson, "through the use of an online course, easy-to-follow winning templates, coaching and a community of other veterans."

This approach began in the Spring of 2020 while Johnson was talking with his father, Terry "Ranger" Johnson, a retired Army veteran, about helping veterans receive a higher VA disability rating.

"He was teaching them a step-by-step system and providing templates and guides through the process," Gino Johnson explained. "He started helping veterans because it took him 17 years to get the VA disability rating he deserved as a result of the injuries caused by his 20 years of service."

Johnson added that had those benefits been provided when his father retired in 2000, their family would have been in a completely different financial position.

"Understanding that my father had some incredible information ... we realized that we could change the lives of veterans and their families so they do not have to experience the same issues we faced," continued Johnson.

Between the older Johnson's experience with the VA and knowledge of disability ratings and the younger Johnson's savvy with online education, Champions For Veterans was created in 2020.  

"We believe our program is a valuable tool in helping our veterans with service-connected injuries get the benefits they deserve," continued Gino Johnson.

At the heart of the program is the RANGER Method, a way that Ranger Johnson used in helping veterans prior to the development of the online course.

An acronym that stands for Registration, Acknowledge, Name, Gather, Examination and Repeat, the RANGER Method is a step-by-step program that teaches veterans how to obtain the disability rating they deserve.

The process begins when a veteran completes a VA benefits assessment that explains what injuries they have that are eligible for VA disability. The veteran then visits the Champions For Veterans' website to schedule a free consultation.

"During the consultation, a coach will walk the veteran through the assessment process and explain what the assessment translates to in regards to a VA disability rating," the CEO said.

The coach will also explain the Champions For Veterans program and how it works, in addition to showing a YouTube video describing the RANGER Method in its entirety. From there, the veteran can decide whether or not to use the service.

"We give you 90 percent of what you need," added Ranger Johnson. "But the last 10 percent is on you; you have to have some get-up-and-go to make this happen."

Both Johnsons encourage veterans to spread the word about Champions For Veterans.

"The free consultation is valuable for any veteran who does not have a rating or who is at a rating that is not 100 percent," concluded Gino Johnson. "This consultation has been the beginning of a life changing journey for many veterans we've helped."

For more information, visit or call (404) 721-0502.


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