Tonight: Tacoma's STINK Tank hugs five Washington wines

By Ron Swarner on August 21, 2014

Like many people, I was introduced to the Chenin Blanc grape via Vouvray, the crisp, well-balanced wine of France's Loire Valley. Due to its easy drinkability and medium dryness, I think Chenin Blanc gets a somewhat undeserved rap as a "training-wheels" wine. That is, not really for serious wine drinkers.


It's true that the tendency of Chenin Blanc winegrowers to overproduce and over-irrigate can result in bland, undistinguished wines. And with Chenin Blanc, there are plenty of those. But a really good Chenin Blanc - say, from a Washington state wine grower such as Cedergreen Cellars - can be a truly memorable bottle of wine.

Tonight, Kris Blondin, owner of STINK Cheese and Meat meets and its neighboring wine bar, STINK Tank, offers tastes of five Washington wines she digs, including a 2011 Cedergreen Cellars Chenin Blanc, a delicious wine born to pair with white cheese. Yes, please.

In celebration of Washington Wine Month, Blondin will pour fun and unusual varietals, along with light snacks and "cook cats" for $5 per person, 5-7 p.m. at the STINK Tank, 628 St. Helens in Tacoma's Triangle District.